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Another Dare . . .

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I was on the phone this morning with the DJO rep about the $905.51 bill I received yesterday. When he dropped off my bone graft stimulator, he told me that since I had been approved, there would be no cost. Otherwise I would owe $900. So I was surprised to get that bill.

But when I got him on the phone there was a lot of hemming and hawing, and backtracking about what this bill was for. And every time I would circle back around to what he actually told me, the stuttering would start again.

So after a few minutes of this round and round, I pulled out the big gun.

I said, “OK, is the address on the bill where I should send the unit back, or do you have another one that I should use?”

And the stuttering started all over again.

Finally he said, “Well, we do have a needs-based program that might be able to cover your bill. I’ll have them call you this afternoon.”

The reason I knew that this was a real threat was that from the bill I knew that they had already received $3623.23 from Medicare, which they would have to give back.

And a little after 4pm, right after I got home from work, they called. And after asking me a couple of questions about income and marital status, she told me that I was approved for the payment cancellation program, and that they would send me a form to sign.

Well, that was easy.

Regular readers will know how I like hot stuff.

No, not just Jan, but food too.

And I can’t resist a challenge.

The last one was back in September when we had lunch once more at The Cookshack up in Webster. Here’s the post from back then.

Later, a little after 1pm, Jan and I drove up to Clear Lake to have lunch again at The Cookshack. I was hoping that the owner would be there this time so I could try to two levels hotter than AMF Chicken Tenders that he told me about on our first visit.

He was surprised that I was able handle the standard AMF version, but when we went back for our 2nd visit, he wasn’t there, and no one knew anything about a hotter version of AMF. However he was there today, but I still didn’t get the two-levels hotter version, just 1 level hotter.

I think I may have called his bluff, because when I asked him for the two-level version, he said he only had the one-level available, since it took him a MONTH to make up the even hotter stuff.

So what, he mixes it up in a big cauldron during the full moon, with eye of newt, puppy dog tails, lizard tongues, etc..

Yeah, right!

I’m not sure I could tell that today’s version was any hotter than the original one, but it was hot. However I told Jan I probably won’t order it again, since it was just the challenge more than anything.

And now it’s Arby’s turn.

They’ve just announced their Diablo Dare.

Arby's Diablo Dare

Starting Monday, the fast-food chain is bringing the heat with the new Diablo Dare Sandwich, which comes in two varieties – crispy chicken and smoked brisket.

The chain said the limited-time sandwiches come with five sources of heat: ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapenos and Diablo BBQ sauce, served on a red chipotle bun

Arby’s said the sandwich is “so spicy, we had to include a free vanilla shake to cool your mouth down between bites.”

I’ll be the judge of that.

But sometime between now and February 6th, we’ll be checking out our nearest Arby’s.

Challenge Accepted!

Thought For The Day:

“Wisdom is, when you know something, knowing that you know it. And when you do not know something, knowing that you do not know it.” – Confucius



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