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A New Game In Town . . .

Today was an easy one, with lunch at Pho Barr up in Webster and then a quick HEB stop on the way home.

We did find out that their new location down in our area is supposed open ‘next month’. What we didn’t find out is if ‘next month’ was 2 days from now, in February. Or if they were actually talking about March.

I guess we’ll see.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about our Kroger’s Prescription Plan which has saved us a lot of money over our previous plans with WalMart/Sam’s. It cost us $72 per year, and covers Jan, myself, and Karma the Cat. Besides human prescriptions, we can also get discounts on vet drugs too.

Though Kroger’s works through GoodRX, the discounts are much better than you can get through the free Standard GoodRX app, or even their $20 per month Gold family plan. And as I said, Kroger’s version is only $6 per month, or $72 a year.

But now there’s a new game in town in the drug business. Cost Plus Drugs, an new online drug supplier, started by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank/Dallas Mavericks fame, promises to shake up the prescription drug market. And this includes possibly building their own factories to keep the costs down.

I did compare a couple of their prices against our Krogers prices, and Krogers came out a little ahead. The Metformin that Jan takes is $5.90 on Cost Plus, but free under Krogers plan. And my high blood pressure meds are $7.50 under Cost Plus, and $6 from Krogers.

I’ll keep checking back and let you know.

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Thought For The Day:

If someone points at your black clothes and asks whose funeral it is, just look around the room and answer, “I haven’t decided yet.”