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Another Data Point . . .

Looks like our RV handyman will be here about 10 tomorrow morning to pull out our captain’s chair. He thinks it should only take a hour or so. It’ll be good to get done with this.

Our regular readers know that Jan and I have been taking the Quercetin/Zinc/D3 regimen since May 2020, and now we have another data point in how well it works.

Back in December 2020 my client’s wife came down with CoVid a few days after Christmas. But a few days before that, on Christmas Eve, Jan and I stopped by their home to drop off a Christmas gift. And as part of that, we both got big hugs and a pan of her hand-made cinnamon rolls to take home with us.

Then a couple of days after Christmas she came by the office and I got a big thank-you hug from her. Then about 3 days later she was diagnosed with CoVid, apparently contracting from her church group, and was sick for a couple of weeks.

However Jan and I stayed fine. And so did her husband who has been taking HCQ and Zinc. His HCQ was prescribed by his VA doctor (he’s a disabled vet).

Then last Tuesday Jennifer, our office manager, starting feeling bad and went home early. On Wednesday she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with CoVid and given a Monoclonal Antibodies IV.

And after a rough weekend, she was back at work this past Monday. But while she was out sick, I sat at her desk, and used her mouse and keyboard.

However Jan and I stayed fine. And so did her husband.

I guess it’s still working. Or, so far so good.

I guess my first question would be, WHY?

Scientists Train Goldfish To Drive On Land In Tiny Cars

Goldfish In Cars

Could your next Uber driver be of the fishy persuasion?

Thought For The Day:

Remember when doctors were respected and were always right?

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