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The Run Around . . .

Today was my day for getting my head BBQ’d, so we were out the door about 9:15, heading for the Dermatologist’s office up in Webster.

At least that’s where we were told to go when we made the appointment last month at their League City office. And the text I got yesterday morning confirming my appointment said to go to the Webster office.

But when we got to the office about 9:50 for our 10:15 appointment, we were told that we were at the wrong office, and should have been at the League City one. She offered to reschedule our appointment, but I said, “No, call them and tell them we’re on our way.”

And by pushing the Malibu a little more than usual, we made the 10 mile run from the 3rd floor of the Medical Building at Clear Regional Hospital down to the League City office just off FM-646 in just over 15 minutes, arriving at 10:13, two minutes before our 10:15 appointment.

Only to be told that the first receptionist was wrong, and our appointment WAS at the Webster location. So while she called the other office to tell them, Yes we were supposed to be up there, we turned around and headed back up to Webster, a little more sedately this time, much to Jan’s relief.

Getting back there once again, they took me back to a treatment room, and after wiping my head down with acetone to prep it, the Physician’s Assistant used what looked like a large Sharpie pen to cover my scalp with the photo-reactive solution.

Then instead of the 30-60 minute wait for the solution to dry that I had read, I found out that is was a 2 hour one. Lucky that I brought my Galaxy Tab 4 and Jan brought her Kindle Fire to keep us occupied out in the waiting room.

Back in the treatment room, the technician wheeled the Blue UV Light over and positioned it over my head.

Blue UV Machine

She said it was on a timer, and noting it was set to 16:40, I said, “So 16:39 is not enough and 16:41 is too much?” She said, “Well, we don’t want your head to burst into flames.”

See I told you that might happen. And then, after giving me a pair of goggles to wear, she turned it on.

And I would have sworn my head WAS on fire. I didn’t realize they had it set on ‘Extra-Crispy’

PDT Extra Crispy 468

The tech said that some people said it felt like a million angry fire ants were feasting on their head.

That was an understatement.

But finally it was over, and after getting the post-op instructions, and getting an appointment for a second shot at immolation a month from now, we headed up to Bay Area Blvd. to have brunch at Snooze, only to find that it wasn’t really open yet. That’s tomorrow.

What we had been seeing was a series of pre-opening meals given for community leaders, so we headed right up the road to once again have breakfast at The Egg and I.

Coming home about 2:30 we first made a stop at the Santa Fe PO to check the mail. I was hoping my new permanent SD driver’s license had come in, and it had. So now, thanks to the revised Vision Statement I got from the ophthalmologist last week, I can now legally drive at night.

And while on the subject of ophthalmologists, I’ve got my follow-up appointment with a cornea specialist to check out the slight yellowing of my left cornea that the Sam’s Club optometrist  mistook for a cataract.

Then it was on to Snider Transmission to check up on our Dakota. Kenny said it was done and they’d done a short test drive, but that he still wanted to a longer one, maybe an hour or so, to double-check everything. So I told him we’d pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

Thought for the Day: 

“The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them.” –  O’Brien to Winston, 1984:



5 Responses to The Run Around . . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    After all that runaround, at the least, you ought to get some kind of rebate!! WOW, it sounds awful to have this done…do you feel it will give a better result in the long run?  Wishing you the best in healing!!


  2. Jason Deas says:

    Really cool picture! Hope it helps.

  3. Carol says:

    Wow, your life is full of adventures. Greg, I don’t know what Bbq your head means…I’m thinking it must be radiation. If so, I don’t remember you telling me that. Let me know what’s happening pls. God bless you both.

    • gregwhite says:


      Great to hear from you. Had a great time getting together with you and your grandkids.

      It’s not radiation as such. It’s a very intense UV light used to burn off any possible pre-cancerous lesions before they develop further. Important since I did have a Squamous Cell Carcinoma removed successfully in 2014.

      The treatment yesterday was kind of like getting two weeks of sunburn on my head in 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

      Keep in touch.

      Greg and Jan

  4. Bobbie Chapman says:

    I’m with Carol, I didn’t remember you mentioning you were having this procedure. Did I miss a blog post? Glad all went well.

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