I Was Hoping For a Pirate Eye Patch . . .

We were up too early and out the door by 4:30, getting to the Bay Area Surgicenter by about 4:50, before the free valet service had started up, so we had to park in the next lot and walk over to the office.

And after being called into Pre-op about 6:15, she was being wheeled into the operating area by 6:45, and ready to go home by 7:30. She was still a little groggy, but ready to get out of there.

Besides all the after-care instructions, they also gave Jan a clear plastic shield to wear over her eye for the next three days while she’s asleep to be sure she  doesn’t rub her eye.

Personally I was hoping for something like this.

Jan at Margaritaville

But no such luck.

After a quick stop at my client’s to check out a problem, we made our planned breakfast stop at Snooze. While I got my usual Shrimp and Grits with a side of fruit, Jan got her favorite Avocado Toast. At least that’s what she thought she was getting.

Snooze Smashing Avocado Benny

But it turns out that Snooze does their version as a Benedict, with Hollandaise Sauce. Plus she asked for her eggs well-scrambled, but they came out much less then ‘well’, but more like ‘wet’. I told her to send it back, but just didn’t feel like it. So she just scraped off the eggs/sauce and ate it  that way.

Coming home we made a Costco stop for gas, and it was a new first. It was the first time that we’ve gotten gas at Costco that it wasn’t cheaper than the last time. It was still $1.81, just like last week.

Getting home we both did the nap thing for a few hours. And since Jan kept her glasses on I didn’t worry about putting the shield over her eye.

Later, about 3pm, and Jan not being really happy with her breakfast, we drove over to the nearby Chili’s for linner/lupper, unusual for us since we usually only have one meal a day.

Jan had the Ribs and I had the Grilled Chicken Caribbean Salad, both really good.

Tomorrow Jan had her follow-up checkup on her surgery, and hopefully a schedule for her right eye. We had thought it might be next Thursday, the 13th, but it looks like it will actually be Thursday, the 20th instead. But we’ll see tomorrow.

Actually the 20th works best for us anyway, since my second of Photo Dynamic Therapy, i.e. setting my head on fire again, is already scheduled for the 13th.

But whenever her next surgery is, at least the eye patch is reversible.

Thought for the Day:

I seldom regret doing things, but I always regret getting caught.


4 Responses to I Was Hoping For a Pirate Eye Patch . . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So glad the surgery is over and she is doing ok…hope that continues!!  I grow so weary of people who think they can cook, working for restaurants.  You make so clear how you want something and they still fix it however they choose.  At least where we are, that is the case.  So mostly, we search for those places we can find things pretty much as we desire.  Glad the 2nd meal was good…that was a good choice, Greg…getting at least one really yummy meal today!!  Wishing you both the best with the rest of your treatments this year!!

  2. Sandy Dealy says:

    I get to go through next Tuesday, what Jan just went thru. It’s that time in my life, too. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Just part of my morning ritual! Along with Nicks and Nancy K. Never met you nor Nancy, but enjoy your blogs.

  3. Joe Hansen says:

    How about some in progress pictures of your Photo Dynamic Therapy? For those of us that the Dr’s want to do the same. I’m currently using the fluorouracil cream on a spot on the back of my hand. It’s burning a hole that is getting larger each day and I have 1-2 weeks left. I wouldn’t want to do this to my head as it’s painful and messy. Ok I admit, I’m a wimp when it comes to pain! 

    • gregwhite says:


      Unfortunately, I didn’t take any ‘in progress’ photos. My head just peeled a lot like a bad sunburn.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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