Are You Ready For ‘Mu’ ??

Or are you ‘Leaky’?

Well, we had the Delta variant, and then Lambda. And now along comes the next letter in the Greek alphabet, ‘Mu’.

New Covid variant, known as ‘Mu’, under close WHO scrutiny due to concerns over its vaccine resistance

WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named ‘Mu’

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the CDC/NIH/WHO, or however, has decreed that after they run out of Greek letters of the alphabet for CoVid strains, they plan on moving on to constellations.

So you could fall victim to the ‘Big Dipper’ variant sometime down the road, I guess.

But does it bother anyone that with ‘Mu’ they’re halfway through the 24 character Greek alphabet, and they’re still expecting MORE variants?

So maybe it’s because the vaccines in use are ‘Leaky’, and are causing even more variants.

Here’s a great article explaining the concept of Leaky Vaccines.

Here are the standard requirements for a ‘Vaccine’, or at least areal vaccine.

  • Prevent Future Disease. 
  • Prevent Transmission of Virus to Others. 
  • Lasts for a Long Time. 

    Prevent Future Disease.  We already know that none of the present vaccines keep you from getting CoVid again, in some cases two or three times. And yes, people have died after the 3rd time. So, not the charm.

    Prevent Transmission of Virus to Others.  CDC’s Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated Individuals, which states, “Preliminary evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people who do become infected with the Delta variant can be infectious and can spread the virus to others.”

    Lasts for a Long Time.  Well, since Fauci is now calling for boosters every FIVE months, I think we can put this one up in the NO column also.

    So our present vaccines are definitely ‘leaky’.

    And there is some thought that these leaky vaccines may be giving rise to the multitude of variants we’re seeing.

    It goes like this.

    I’m sure we’ve all been told when our doctor prescribes us an antibiotic and tells us to be sure and take all of them. This is because if you don’t kill ALL the bacteria causing the infection, the ones left alive can come back stronger and more resistant to the antibiotic.

    Well, some epidemiologists think that may be happening with CoVid and the leaky vaccines. Since the vaccines don’t actually kill the virus, they just mutate and come back as a different variant.

    And we already see this with the annual flu shot, also not a vaccine. Every year it s a different version of the flu, Flu A, Flu B, and all the variants and sub-variants, so a different vaccine every year.

    According to a CNN report, Two senior FDA vaccine leaders step down as agency faces decision on boosters. Rumor has it that they’re both VERY unhappy about how the vaccines are being ‘sold’ to the public, the need for boosters, and the fact that politics seems to be driving things more than the science.

    It will be interesting to hear how much more of this insider’s descent leaks out.

    Not sure what all is on tomorrow’s schedule, but lunch is definitely at The Catch once again up in the Almeda area.

    Thought For The Day:

    If you don’t sometimes swear while driving, you’re not paying enough attention to the road.

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