It’s Here!

Well, as I had hoped my new Atwood Water Heater showed up this morning, so I know how my long weekend is going to be going. At least if it doesn’t keep pouring down rain all weekend like it did today

I mean, we’re talking gullies being washed and pets falling from the sky, type of rains.

Tomorrow I need to pick up a tube of caulk to seal around the outside door, and that should be all I need. Except time, I guess.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m setting up a new computer for our Shipping department, and one of the programs I’m trying to move over is our copy of USPS’ Click N Ship Business Pro. And it should be really easy.

All I should have to do was to install a new copy of the program, and then export the Address Book from the old computer and then import it into the new computer. But someone at the PO doesn’t know how to program, because every time I tried to export the list, the export crashed with an error message.

Turns out that though the Click N Ship program allows you to have a ‘ in a name or address, like O’Neal, it won’t let you export names or addresses with a ‘ in them. Nor will it let you import them either. And it won’t let you chose another export format like Tab Separated rather than CSV.

Of course I’ve figured out a work-around, but it’s going to be a little time-consuming since there are over 4000 addresses in the file. Oh, well.

Continuing with yesterday’s rocket video’s, here’s a really unusual launch technique, if you can call launching sideways a ‘launch’.

Turns out that one of the two engines shut down right at the launch, and the software did a great job of recovering. However with only one engine, it was never going to make orbit, but they wanted to get as much data as they could before they let it crash back into the ocean. And since the launch was from Kodiak, AK, they weren’t likely to hit anything.

Originally the Space Shuttle was supposed to use a Flyback Booster for the first stage instead of the flawed SRB’s that brought down the Challenger in 1986. The Flyback Booster consisted of the 5 main engines from a Saturn V mounted to a Shuttle-like manned glider that returned to the Cape after separation

This next video is an amazing animation on a Shuttle utilizing the Flyback Booster concept, It’s so well done it’s hard to believe it’s not real. From the flickering of the helicopter blades overhead, to the scratches in the film segments, to the heat waves rising from the landing strip. Really something.

Tomorrow we’re thinking Los Ramirez for lunch and then back home to work on the water heater changeout, assuming the weather holds.

Thought For The Day:

If you want to know “Where’s The Beef”, apparently it was in the drive-thru line at a McDonald’s in Marshfield, WI.  It seems the gentleman bought 3 calves at an auction and had no other way to get them home. So there’s actually 3 of them crammed in there.

Cow At McDonald's

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