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On The Way . . .

Since Chris/Linda/Piper/Derek won’t be able be with us during Christmas due to work conflicts, I got all their gifts on the way to up to Chris’ in Kingsland this morning. It’s nice to work at a place that ships out daily via UPS. Just plop the box on the scale, enter the address, click the Ship button, and slap the printed-out label on the box, and I was done.

They should be there on Monday.

For more than 30 years it’s been a White family tradition to have Christmas Eve dinner at King Food, our long-time favorite Chinese restaurant. Occasionally it’s just been Jan and I, and other times it’s been the whole Kit N Kaboodle.

But this year I guess it’s just going to be the Kit, with Jan and I, Brandi, Lowell, and Master Landon. They’re coming down here for dinner, and then we’ll follow them back up to Katy to spend the night there for Christmas morning.

Really looking forward to being there.

Amazon is just getting faster and faster since they opened their new La Marque warehouse right down I-45 from us. This morning I ordered something from them about 9:20am, and they said it would be delivered here at the rig between 10am and 3pm. And it showed up at 12:38pm.

Pretty soon I’ll be getting stuff before I even order it.

Before our Branson trip Jan and I were joking about whether or not we’d come back with the WuFlu. I mean, we’d be elbow to elbow with strangers in 1000-2000 seat theaters.

What better way to catch it?

Then Jan mentioned that since we started taking our Quercetin/Zinc/D3 regimen in May 2020, we haven’t even had the sniffles, much less a cold. Which makes sense since Zinc is a standard, well-known treatment for colds. And it since the common cold is a Coronavirus, it makes sense.

And even though we’ve been around people who came down with CoVid a few days later, we’ve never come down with it either.

Of course they say the incubation period for the WuFlu is 2-14 days, I guess we’ve got a few days to go before we’re in the clear.

Thought For The Day:

Happy Festivus