Daily Archives: December 18, 2021

Well, That Was The Plan, Anyway . . .

The plan for today was to first have lunch at Snooze, then moving on over to the nearby WalMart, ending up at the Home Depot down in our area.

Well, that was the plan, anyway. But the weather had other ideas.

With a high today of 77° and a low of 49 tonight, the incoming front brought a LOT of rain with it. Though when we left home it was just spritzing, by the time we got to Snooze it was coming down hard, accompanied by a lot of thunder, lightning, and street flooding. And it never let up all the time while we were eating.

Jan got her usual Bravocado Toast with a side of crispy bacon.

Snooze Bravocado Toast 20210207

And as last time, I got the Goldilock’s Porridge.

Snooze Goldilock's Porriage

Since it was still coming down hard when we left Snooze, WalMart and Home Depot got put off until tomorrow, and we just went home.

Looks like our local location of Pho Barr is coming along. They’ve got the sign up on the building so they’re getting close. It’s going into the same spot as our late, lamented Pho 20, so it will be nice to have a nearby place without driving into Webster.

Hopefully soon.

Thought For The Day:

Number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) deaths in the U.S. as of December 15, 2021, by age*

Total deaths from COVID-19


0-17 years – 655
18-29 years – 4,781
30-39 years – 14,144
40-49 years – 34,233
50-64 years – 147,351
65-74 years – 181,273
75-84 years – 205,613
85 years and older – 209,453