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Merry Christmas Eve Eve . . .

With Jan nursing a on/off migraine-ish headache since yesterday, today was a stay-at-home day with not a lot going on.

Tomorrow Jan will be making her world-famous Sausage Balls for our Christmas get-together this weekend. Much anticipated by everyone.

As I mentioned before, we’re meeting Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at King Food tomorrow evening for our mostly-every-year Christmas Eve family get-together. Then we’ll all head back up to Brandi’s in Katy to spend Christmas with them.

Can’t wait.

I got an email earlier this month concerning the renewal of our CLEAR membership. We signed up before our Christmas in NYC trip in December 2019. And it was really nice to bypass the long lines as we went through the TSA check-ins, but we’re not going to be flying again anytime soon, at least until we can fly without being vaccinated and/or masked up.

So I cancelled the renewal and saved $229. And I can reactivate at any time without having to do the biometric stuff all over again.

Before our recent trip up to Branson a few weeks ago we added a few accessories to our Jeep to make the drive nicer.

First up was a set of these Blindspot Mirrors. Unlike our Dodge Dakota truck, the Jeep has a blind spot in the rear view mirrors for me. No matter how I adjusted them, a vehicle passing on my left could completely disappear from my inside rear view mirror before it would reappear in my outside mirror. And these work great.

Rear View Mirror Extender

As you can see in the above photo I can see much further to the left with the stick-on mirror. You can put it either on the top or the bottom of the outside mirror.

A great addition!

I also added some new seat support cushions to my seat to give me better support for my back.

This cervical and lumbar support seat back really worked great and made the drive a lot more comfortable.

Jeep Seat Back Support Cushion

it’s easy to install and just held in place with straps.

I also added this padded seat cushion to complete the seat.

Jeep Seat Cushion

Very comfortable. So much so that after Jan drove the Jeep with them installed, she had me order a set for her side of the Jeep.

On To Christmas!

Thought For The Day:

“When the shepherd becomes a wolf, the flock must defend itself” – Dr. Michael Fiedrowicz