Daily Archives: December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021 . . .

Merry Christmas 2021

After meeting Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at King Food for our usual great meal, Jan and I followed them back up to their home in Katy to spend the rest of Christmas.

Brandi did her usual fantastic job with the living room tree and decorations,

Brandi Christmas Tree 2021

Landon got his big present a little early since it was on sale last month.

Landon's New Computer 2021

A superfast computer and one of those widescreen curved monitors. Not sure where the jellyfish aquarium fits in, though,

I’m jealous!

And even the tree in the dining room is beautiful.

Landon at computer 2021

Merry Christmas To All and To All A Goodnight.