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Happy Boxing Day 2021 . . .

With all the food we brought home yesterday, both from our meal at King Food Christmas Eve and leftovers from Christmas dinner, we decided to just hunker down at home today. So we never left the rig.

Nice and quiet.

Not only did we all get a lot of nice gifts yesterday, so did Brandi and Lowell’s dogs, Baxter and Jack. They got a Furbo Dog Treat Dispenser.


Furbo Dog Treat Tosser with Camera

Not only can you see your pets and toss them a treat, you can also heard them and talk back to them.

Online several people wanted to know if you could use it for cats. Some said that they had tried, but the cats tended to just eliminate the middleman by jumping up on the counter and knocking the Furbo off onto the floor, and wait for the treats for fall out.

Smart cats.

Several readers wanted to know what a hoverboard was, like the new one Landon got for Christmas. This is a hoverboard.

Landon's MotoTec Hoverboard

You balance on it and lean in the direction you want to go. You can go forward, backwards, and even turn in place. And Landon rolls around the house like he was born riding it.

Last Tuesday I put a couple of Priority Mail envelopes in the mail, one going to Athens, AL, and one to Vernon, IL. Containing gift cards for cousins and niceces, the one going to AL was supposed to arrive by Friday the 24th, and the IL one by Monday the 29th.

However the one going to IL made it early and arrived by Friday.  But the AL bound one ended up in FL, orbiting around between Lakeland, Tallahassee, and Orlando for 3 days before finally heading back toward Athens.

It should be delivered tomorrow. But we’ll see.

This is post-Christmas day in Houston, TX.

Christmas 2021 in The Pool

Thought For The Day:

“If the populace knew with what idiocy they were ruled, they would revolt.” – Charlemagne