A Photo Finish . . .

I was up early this morning and back on the phone with Onan Tech Support. I guess they only have one guy because I talk with the same person every time.

But I finally got through to him and gave him the results of the fuel flow test. He then asked If I had checked the governor actuator connections. He said it was the next most likely cause of my problem.

So since our schedule today was pretty full with family stuff, tomorrow morning I’ll take the top panel off and hopefully discover a loose connection or two on the controller box. If not, we’ll just have to tough it out during our 400 mile trip to Athens, AL on Sunday.. Then I can get back on it Monday.

Once thing fun about visiting up here is that there’s always some shooting going on. Jim and Debbie have 15 acres with plenty of room for a shooting range.

Lowell got to try out his new XDS .45 for the first time.

Lowell Shooting 1

He said he really like the way it felt.

Curtis brought several of his guns, including this AK-47 semi-auto.

Curtis Shooting AK-47

I’ve been so busy working on the genset that I forgot to bring anything except my Ruger LCP .380 semi-auto. Curtis gave me some .380 target ammo so I didn’t have to shoot my expensive Cor-Bon’s, so I ran about 3 mags of his cheaper stuff  through it.

25 yards is kind of long for this small pistol, but after I got the range I did OK. My biggest problem was my eyes, or at least my glasses I wear glasses for my distance vision, and then take them off for close-up work, i.e. reading, computer, etc.

So if I wore my glasses, the target was clear, but the sights, such as they are, were pretty useless. And with my glassed off, the sights were sharp and clear, but the target was fuzzy.

But after some trial and error (some of the wild shots) I decided that I did better with my glasses off, looking through sharply focused sights at a big fuzzy orange ball. And once I got the sight picture locked in – sights over here, big orange fuzzy ball over there.- I did pretty good.

Shooting Target

We’re shooting again tomorrow so I’ll bring some bigger stuff.

After a delicious dinner or Crock Pot Pizza Casserole, Lasagna, and Salad, we all dressed up and headed outside for the picture taking, They had hired a professional photographer to come out and do a group photo and then individual family photos.

Family Photo Shoot 1

Here’s Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

Family Photo Brandi

And here’s Jan’s sister Debbie and her family.

Family Photo Debbie

Tomorrow I’ll take another shot at fixing the generator, and then about noon we’ll head over to Debbie’s once again for a big BBQ feast with even more family.

And more guns, too.

Thought for the Day:

A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.


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  1. Linda in NE says:

    Most of my husband’s family get-togethers involve guns & shooting too. Our niece once brought a boyfriend home from Tennessee to one of these gatherings. He thought he was a big tough man when he was making a 4 year old cry because she couldn’t eat everything he had piled on her plate, but when he saw  our niece’s dad, uncles & cousins out there blasting away he lost some of the bravado for some reason. LOL

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