The End of an Era?

We’re still really enjoying our new SoundBar. It really takes care of our low volume problems, something that several of our blog readers have also had, on both DirecTV and Dish.

The only problem is that it only comes with one remote, where Jan and I both want our own. So not being able to buy an additional one online, I decided to buy one of these.

Learning Remote

It’s a $7 Learning Remote that can learn any IR code just by pointing it at your original remote. Now we won’t have to fight over the only one.

Jan and I headed out about 2pm to have lunch, really breakfast, at the Victory Lakes Denny’s, but we detoured about 4 miles up Hwy. 6. Rather than make a special trip out in the RV somewhere to get propane before we leave, I thought it would just be easier to leave on our trip an hour or so early to take care of it.

A while back while we were driving up to Alvin I noticed a place called HOPS Propane. They have a large yard, but I wanted to be sure that I could get in and out, and that they could fuel up our rig.

They said there would be no problem, so we’ll try to be there a few minutes after they open at 9pm. Then I should be able to hook up the truck before we head out.

On the way up there, I dropped Jan off at the Dollar General, and then picked her up on the way back.

Like our last time at Denny’s, we both got breakfast again, and the same thing too. Jan got her Omelet  with Tomatoes, Onions, and Mushrooms, Fruit and a English Muffin.

Denny's Jan Omelet 2

I got the Two Eggs Over Medium, Four Strips of Bacon, Fruit, and an English Muffin.

Denny's Greg Eggs 2

Just as delicious as usual. I think breakfast is our favorite meal, or at least our favorite menu.

Next we stopped right next door so Jan could get a new pair of pink sneakers for our upcoming trip. Then after getting gas at WalMart for $2.66/gal., we headed home.

It’s the end of a era.

It was announced today that the Miss America Pageant  is no longer a ‘pageant. It’s now a ‘competition’. And in making these changes they’re losing a few things. Like the Swim Suit competition AND the Evening Gown competition.

So instead of the Swim Suit contest, there will be a ‘live, interactive session with the judges’. 

Now that’s going to be ‘Must See TV’.

And replacing the Evening Gown parade, the contestants are being told to wear whatever makes them comfortable, and discuss their chosen ‘social impact initiatives’ So sweats and a torn T-shirt?

Boy, this sounds just riveting, doesn’t it?

Jan says “Guys watch for the Swim Suits, and women watch for the Evening Gowns. Who’s going to watch now?”

I give it 2 more years, max. Maybe only one.

Thought for the Day:

US Murder Rate



10 Responses to The End of an Era?

  1. Knott Kneeded says:

    You seem to becoming a bit political. I really hope not.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    4th from the bottom in the whole world? Sorry, you lost all credibility right there.


    Not many liberals understand truths. Nothing political in The End of an Era. It’s just truth. Very sad but it is.


    No doubt this info was checked before you posted.

  5. John Brown says:

    Sounds like Miss America is going to make a great show for late night radio.

  6. Snowbird says:

    Granted the statistics are unclear because they don’t identify what the basis for the comparison … all murders?  What is the world … developed countries like US?

    Looking at this … there is one chilling comparison .  The highest murder rates in the world are Honduras, Venezuela, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Swaziland, Saint Kitts and Nevis, South Africa, and Colombia.  What do these countries have in common with section of the cities mentioned … virtual breakdown of law and order and ruled by gangs.

  7. Paul Stough says:

    Most of the guns used in murders in Chicago were purchased in Indiana where buying a gun is fairly easy, and then transported to and sold in Chicago.

    • gregwhite says:


      If that’s truly the reason gun crime is so high in Indiana, then why isn’t it just as high in Indianapolis?

      Thanks for your comment.


  8. Linda in NE says:

    One more thing ruined by political correctness. Sure maybe  some take offense at the swimsuits & evening gowns, but they will get over it……or not, as the case may be.

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