Weaning Off ???

Although none was really forecast, we were awakened about 5am this morning by thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. And although the rain was nice, I never did really get back to sleep.

We were out the door about 8:45 to head into Vandalia to meet Jan’s sister Debbie, husband Jim, and granddaughter Gwen for breakfast at the local Denny’s. Vandalia only has about 7000 people, so everyone knows everyone else at breakfast and people are constantly visiting other tables and saying Hello.

Plus the waitresses know everyone too, and usually what they always order.

After breakfast, Jan, Debbie, and Gwen headed out for some shopping while I went back the rig to work on some stuff here, and also take care of some web work.

Then about 4pm I headed back into Vandalia from here in Mulberry Grove to first get the truck washed, and then on out to Debbie’s. Although Jan, et. al, were still out shopping, I was happy to see that the fuel filter and the fuel pump for our rig’s generator had both come in. I don’t know if I will be able to work on it tomorrow as I think we’re going over to the other side of St. Louis to meet up with some more of the family, and also Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, who are flying into St. Louis tomorrow for the get-together.

So it will probably be Thursday before I can give it a shot. And if that’s not enough I should have some time Friday too. But we’ll see.

The first couple of nights of our trip up here we didn’t set the TV/Sat dish up because we were leaving early. Then on our two night stay at Tom Sawyer the power was out  that first night when we got home, and then I didn’t set it up the next day since we were out all afternoon, and then leaving early again the next morning to try and beat the heat.

And now we haven’t set it up here, either. And we both agreed we haven’t really missed it that much. Of course it’s mostly reruns right now, so I don’t know how it would be if it were the Fall premiere season. But I imagine we will set it up when we’re back in Santa Fe, however the rest of the trip is probably a ‘We’ll See’ situation.

So I don’t know if we’ve weaned ourselves off of TV or not.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Tomorrow we’ve got another breakfast meeting at the Denny’s at 9, but we’re getting an early start because I need to get a new right front tire. This one has developed at wobble, I think due to a torn belt inside. It was fine leaving Houston, but there are a lot of big potholes on I-10, so who knows.

Thought for the Day:

I don’t go crazy. I am crazy. Just ask Jan. But I occasionally go normal just to keep to keep everyone of their toes.  



2 Responses to Weaning Off ???

  1. Bob Plaskon says:

    Greg, we have stayed in Mulberry Grove  over the years and as you know, there is nothing there. This past spring,  we stopped in Vandalia and stayed at a 10 site RV park off of the frontage road between exits 61 and 63. It was $25 for full 50 amp hookups and you can’t miss it due to a giant metal dragon out front.  When you check in at the hardware store across the street, they give you tokens to see the dragon breath fire! Everything you need is in town, including a Walmart. Its called the Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park and the only place I saw it listed is RV Park Reviews.  Bob

    • gregwhite says:


      We’ve been staying here at Timber Trails since 2008 and know the owner. We just drove by the Dragon park a couple of days ago when I stopped off at the True Value Hardware store right across the street. When I mentioned to Jan it was a little closer to her sister’s, she wanted to stay in an RV park with trees, and not in a parking lot. LOL

      Plus FWIW, with Passport America, Timber Trails is $5 per day cheaper.

      We’ve ‘fed’ the dragon several times with the kids, and it’s always neat, especially at night. And they’ve spiffed him up since we were here two years ago.


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