Finally Done . . . For The 3rd Time!

Jan spend the morning putting together a Green Bean Casserole for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner, before getting started on her much-requested pièce de résistance.

Some time in the early fall she starts getting requests for her World Famous Sausage Balls, so this time she did 8 dozen, which still probably will disappear very quickly. Certainly the 4 dozen she made for Thanksgiving didn’t last long.

This time, due to popular request, she used 3 Hot and I Regular Sausage to bump the Heat a little.

Jan originally said all our Christmas shopping was done with the last of the arrival of the last of the Amazon orders. That’s the first one.

Then we were done when we got some last minute stuff on Thursday. That was the second one.

We were finally done today when we braved the WalMart for a couple more things. And surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. They had 11 of the 12 checkouts open, and of course all of the DIY versions were open.

I did have my first real People of WalMart sighting during today’s visit.

WalMart Catsuit Jammies

At least I think that wearing Cat Suit Jammies to shop here should qualify, right?

Tomorrow morning we’ll head up to Brandi’s about 9am for our Christmas get-together. Really looking forward to it to seeing everyone again.Thought for the Day: 

Mirrors can’t talk, lucky for me they can’t laugh either.


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