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Looks Like I Just Missed Out . . .

Since it was forecast to pour down rain all day, and it did, almost 10” in some places, we decided to put off our Conroe meet-up with Chris and Charles Yust until Friday.

It’s supposed to be drier then.

Although there was a tornado warning in Galveston County, south of us, later in the afternoon, we never saw any of it. Just the steady downpour all day.

Because of the rain I still haven’t had a chance to take at look at my truck yet, but once I got the battery topped off, so far it’s holding its charge. So at least it will crank this time.

I did make some headway on my website work, finally getting the SQL: database to connect to the site, so I now I can concentrate on getting it configured and making it look nice.

Looks like I just missed out. A couple of weeks after we were in Paris, where we visited and had lunch in the Eiffel Tower, they began doing a zip line ride from the second floor 377 feet up.

Eiffel Tower Zip Line

The 2600+ foot line takes about a minute to complete and gives you a great view of the city.

Just my luck.

According to a recent article, Amazon expects to start making deliveries within months.

Amazon Drone

Supposedly the drones can fly 15 miles and deliver loads up to 5 pounds.

I guess it might work in some areas, but in Texas it’s probably going to be known as ‘skeet shooting for presents’.

Thought for the Day:

What Are There Two National Doughnut Days?


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