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I’m Pooped, But It’s Done . . .

After leisurely coffee, I went outside about 11:30 to tackle my Dodge Dakota’s front brake pad replacement.

Like most projects, prep work is key, and sometimes takes longer than the actual project.

Disc Pads 1

I knew my floor jack wasn’t going to go high enough to lift the truck so I borrowed a concrete block from the trash pile across from the dumpster to lift things up a bit.

Disc Pads 2

Then after putting the jack stand in place to hold things up in case the floor jack failed, and with the tire off, I was able to get to the caliper/pad assembly.

Disc Pads 3

And removing two bolts and a little prying with a big screwdriver to push the calipers back in a little, I was able to slide the assembly off and lay it up on top of the housing. You don’t want to let it hang loose.

Disc Pads 4

Then the pads themselves just pop right out. I then took a close look at the rotor surface and it looked fine. No grooves, scratches, or raised edges.

Disc Pads 5

I normally replace the rotors every other time I replace the pads, and they were changed out last time so I was expecting them to still be in good shape.

Next up I used one of the old pads and a caliper spreader to push them back in completely flush with the housing so they will fit over the new, now thicker, pads.

Disc Pads 6

Normally I would just use a big C clamp, but I couldn’t find mine, and when I went to buy a new one, I found the spreader was actually cheaper than a big clamp.

I then replaced the silver pad retaining clips with the new ones that came with the pads.

Disc Pads 7

And here’s what it looked like with the pads in place on the clips.

Disc Pads 8

Finally I put Anti-Seize lube on everything that isn’t suppose to seize, and then it was just a matter of sliding the caliper assembly back on the rotor, installing the two bolts, and tightening them down.

And I was done.

With the easy part.

Next comes the hardest part, at least for me. And that’s to lift the 80# wheel/tire combo and get it up on the lugs.

But with a lot of fussing, cussing, and tussling, I got it in place, and tightened down. Then after removing the jack stand, and lowering the truck, I did a final tightening of the lug nuts.

And I was done.

With the driver’s side.

And since it was getting hot now, I decided to wait until about 5pm to do the passenger side since it would be in the shade by them.

Then by around 6:30, I was done, had done a test drive, and was in a hot shower, after taking some Advil.

So that’s how I spent my Saturday.

How did you spend yours?

Thought for the Day:

When you drop something when you’re young, you just pick it up.

When you drop something when you’re old, you stare at it a while, deciding it you really need it anymore.


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