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Well, At Least It’s A Different Code . . .

I’ve post the latest installment of recent European Adventure.

Wurtzburg Am Main

Check it out.

I went out this morning to install the new ignition coil and spark plug in cylinder #7 on our Dodge Dakota. I had double-checked the procedure on YouTube for any surprises, but it looked fairly straight forward and it was.

Ignition Coil Change 1

I first tried to unplug the connector but the wiring was too short.

Ignition Coil Change 2

So I just removed the 10mm nut and was able to pull the coil out far enough to unclip the connector,

Ignition Coil Change 3

and pull out the coil.

Ignition Coil Change 3a

At this point I was planning to remove and replace the spark plug, but dark clouds were starting to move in, and we had planned to head out for lunch, so I just decided to just install the new coil.

Ignition Coil Change 4

I had thought the odds were that it was the coil anyway, so I would save the spark plug for another day.

But sometimes the odds go against you.

When I started up the engine it was still missing and stumbling.  #%*^&%$/

But when I used my Torque phone app to check the codes, my P0307 code was gone. But now I had a P2320 code.

Which decodes to Ignition Coil G Secondary Circuit. And when I looked this up on Google, these were the possibilities:

Bad spark plug wire or boot
Malfunctioning relay or blown fuse (fusible link)
Open or shorted wiring or wiring connectors (wildlife damage)
Defective ignition coil
Faulty camshaft or crankshaft sensor or wiring

The only one that really seems to apply is a Defective Ignition coil. Which means that my new coil might be bad. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve installed a new part and found it bad.

So if I have time tomorrow I’m going to pull the new coil, replace the spark plug, and then reinstall the new coil. And then see what happens, see if the code changes.

If I still the same P2320 error, then I’ll reinstall the old coil and see if I go back to the old P0307 error. If I do, that will probably indicate that the new coil is bad.

So we’ll see.

For those of you who were fans of Microsoft’s late, lamented Flight Simulator, it’s coming back!

And it looks amazing. Check out this promo.

OK, people. Heads up out there.

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So drop by and click the Subscribe button.

Remember, it’s for the children.

Or, at least the child.

Your clicks are much appreciated.

Thought for the Day:

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” – Charles Dickens


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