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The Culprit . . .

Brandi sent over this photo of Landon all booted up and ready to go for his first day of school as a 4th grader. Brandi said he told her he was too old to be walked to school. Brandi wahts to know where her baby went.

Landon Off To School 2019

And he’ll be 9 years old next Tuesday, the 20th. But for scheduling purposes, his party won’t be until Sept. 7th. Which also happens to be Miss Piper’s 26th birthday.

Speaking of Miss Piper, I mentioned last month that she had taken a job as a C.C.J.A.P. (Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional).at a at a minimum security women’s prison in the Burnet area, one that houses only substance abuse inmates. She’s counseling individuals who are incarcerated and/or receiving court-ordered substance abuse treatment services.

And even though it’s a minimum security facility, she still had to take a self-defense course before she started.

When we heard from her a week or so ago, she said that there were a lot of interesting stories and that it puts life in a different perspective.

I told Jan that it may be as eye-opening to Piper as it was to her when we first met. As I’ve mentioned before, we met when we were both working at a slightly-seedy amusement park in Titusville, FL

Besides a few college kids like Jan and I, the other workers were a wide swath of ex-prison guards, cowboys, carnies, and even a couple of Hell’s Angels. And believe me, all of this was a real eye-opener to a good little Mormon girl like Jan.

Luckily for me, she didn’t realize that I was the one she really had to worry about.

My new oil filter gasket finally showed up today, and since my new oil filter came in yesterday, I’m all ready to do the change out.

This is what the culprit looks like.

Cummins Oil Filter Gasket 2

But between a family get-together up at Brandi’s this weekend, and needing to get my brakes done first, the filter thing will have to wait a while.

Since my Mr Coffee had been doing a lot of Snap, Crackle, Popping lately, which means that I need to run a few pots of vinegar through it. That will get rid of all the calcium buildup.

Mr Coffee

While I was doing that, I was trying to decide if I wanted to tear into it. We have enough momentary power glitches here that I’m getting tired of having to reset the clock and delayed start times. So I’m thinking about adding a small battery inside to keep the clock chip running while the power is off. Kind of an internal UPS, I guess.

I actually found a schematic of the unit online and it looks like a couple of diodes and a 9volt battery should do the job, and would last a long time.

Just something else for the list, I guess.

Thought for the Day: 

I always wondered what the job application is like at Hooters. Do they just give you a bra and say, “Here, fill this out?”


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