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On To The Next Project . . .

Well, I’ve pretty much given up on my Mr. Coffee upgrade/mod.  As I mentioned I found the new one much easier to take apart and get into. In fact I was able to unplug the ribbon cable and remove the circuit board completely.

New Mr Coffee Upgrade 3

And that’s when I discovered the problem. Unlike the previous board, which uses simple on/off button switches, the switches on the new board are actually interfaced directly to the IC chip and buffered for the input.

Which means that I can’t just parallel a relay across the contacts and have it work.


I ran into this same problem several years ago when I tried to remote control the power windows in our truck. The up/down buttons are on the internal computer bus and can’t paralleled with other switches or relays.


As usual, everyone waited until the last minute to decide that they want to have a September Sale, and this includes the company whose products are going on sale. So now I’m rushing to get an Ad Card produced, and also cleaning up the mailing list for these particular products. Hopefully I’ll get it in the mail before the middle of September.

I’m still hoping to do my rear brakes, maybe on Sunday. But the rain chances are at 60-80% for both days, so it’ll be hit or miss it looks like.

And of course this pushes back the timing for changing out the oil filter gasket on the rig. But we’ll see how it goes with Mother Nature. If this keeps up, a lot of stuff is going to get pushed back into next year.

Next up on my plate at work is to come up with a color scheme/design for these machines.

Biomak EP103

We’re having them customized to our specs from the manufacturer in Poland, and that includes the colors and our own logo. So now I’m trying to come with something that looks good and won’t cost us too much extra.

As Jan says, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. But I tell her to just be satisfied with one out of two.

Thought for the Day: 

Sacred cows often make the best hamburger.


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