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At It Again . . .

I meant to mention this yesterday, but somehow I left it out.

Yesterday was our grandson Landon’s 9th Birthday.

Happy 9th Birthday Landon

Hard to believe that he’s 9 ready.

I spent this morning before work looking at a YouTube video detailing a rear brake job on my 2004 Dodge Dakota, my Job One for tomorrow. Assuming it doesn’t rain like it did today, but they’re still only showing a 20% chance, so we’ll see.

Then this evening I watched a second one . . .  and found out I wish I had watched it first. It’s been 50+ years since I’ve replaced rotors and I forgot about the fact  that the rotors come covered in a lubricant to keep them from rusting.

I probably could come up with something to get it off, but I think I’ll make an O’Reilly’s run tomorrow morning for a can of brake cleaner spray before I get started.

I did tell them at work today that I might not be in on Friday if I couldn’t get the truck back together by then. And once I get the brakes apart I’ll have to take an Uber to get more parts.

I’m at it again.

Getting home this afternoon, I started disassembling our new Mr. Coffee. And it turned out to be as easy as I hoped after I looked it over yesterday. I just removed one screw underneath the front and the entire control panel just popped right out. And on this model the cable is long enough to actually work on the board.

And then two more screws and the board is loose. It really looks like this model was designed to be repaired.

New Mr Coffee Upgrade 1

Or at least for me to modify it.

Thought for the Day: 

Remember, it’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.


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