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Let It Ride . . .

Right after 9am this morning, I put in a call to Cummins to order my oil filter gasket, but while I was on hold I was also checking out another Cummins part house, Diesel Parts Direct, to see if they had the gasket. And they did.

It was $8.59 with $14 UPS Ground shipping.

And when I heard from Cummins, there’s was $17.12 with $9 shipping.

So I ordered it from Diesel Parts Direct.  Hey, $3.53 is $3.53, right?

Much of work today consisted of ordering parts for a lot of machines that came in lately. My client buys a lot of used electrolysis machines, mostly on eBay, and then I get the ‘fun’ of reconditioning them, cleaning them up, checking them out, and then putting them up for sale on our website and in our paper catalog.

I put ‘fun’ in quotes, but I actually enjoy it. Every machine is different – broken knobs and switches, damaged cabinets, and of course, dead ones.

Normally, I wait until I get about 10 machines in and then I sort through them logging the problems. Then I’ll start ordering  parts, usually from Amazon, or Allied Electronics if it’s something really specialized. Then once all the parts are in, I’ll set aside a couple of days and start working my way through them.

Fun Times!

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

I left work early today, about 1:45, for a appointment with my ophthalmologist for my 6 month checkup to monitor the progression of my Fuch’s Dystrophy in my left eye.

He said that my condition had worsen somewhat and that I should consider having the corneal transplant to fix the problem since it was only going to get worse. He said that I should also take care of a couple of small cataracts there too.

Kind of like when you’ve got your engine torn apart, you go ahead and replace the oil pump, I guess.

And then before I could blink, I was in another room and they were trying to schedule the operation.


First off I can see fine. Yes, my left eye is blurrier than my right eye, which is 20/20 corrected. So when I finally got them slowed down from trying to schedule the procedure, I asked 3 questions.

1. How much is this going to cost me out-of-pocket?

$500-$600.  OK, no problem.

2. What will be my recovery/downtime?

1 week with no heavy lifting.  OK, no problem.

3. Since I can see fine right now, with no problem seeing distant signs, etc., is there any downside to waiting until I feel I need the operation?

    And the answer, after some hesitation, was NO.

And since I had to go through and initial this long form listing all the possible problems and complications from having the surgery, i.e. everything from blindness in both eyes, to death, I decided to just let it ride until I actually notice a problem.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I’m going to take a look at the rear brakes on the truck, but I may have waited too long. Between a lot of bad weather, my simultaneous attacks of sciatica and BPPV,  and just life in general, I may be at the point where I’ll have to also replace the rotors as well as the disc pads.

So I’ll pull a wheel, take a look, and then decide what I need to do.

Thought for the Day: 

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. -— Justice Louis Brandeis (1928)


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