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New Toys . . .

Jan and I left the rig about 2pm, first heading up to Webster to pick up a prescription at Sam’s, and also get gas while we were there. While I was there I asked why they were still requiring masks and WalMart wasn’t. They said they didn’t know, but they wish they’ve hurry up and drop them too.

Then before we decided our next destination, I checked the Amazon app on my phone to see where my orders were. And seeing they were 6 Stops Away from the office, we headed over that way to pick them up. And the Prime van showed up about 10 minutes after we got there.

Then it was on down El Dorado to FM646 and the Denny’s at I-45 for a late lunch. Our Ultimate Omelets as usual. Then after a quick HEB stop, we headed home.

But as we were getting close to Hwy 6, Jan reminded me that we hadn’t picked up our mail at the PO, so we made quick detour by there, and it was a good thing, too.

When I turned the key in the box, the mail literally exploded out onto the floor. Guess we shouldn’t wait so long next time. But in my defense a lot of the mail is for the previous box holder, even though we had the box for over 3 years.

For the first 6 months or so, I wrote ‘Not For This Box’ on each piece and dropped it back in the slot. A number of times I even took it up to the counter. But all to no avail. So now I just dump it in the garbage can at the PO with the rest of the junk mail.

Getting home I started going through my new toys.

First up was a new Foodsaver VS3150 Vacuum Sealer. Our old one would no longer lock closed since the latch on one end had broken off.

Foodsaver VS3150 Vacuum Sealer

It seems to have all the bells and whistles, both Dry and Moist functions, one for Marinating, and one I especially wanted – Pulse.

Pulse lets you start and stop the vacuuming manually, so you can vacuum seal something delicate without crushing it. In addition, it has the external hose for vacuum sealing containers, as well as internal storage for a roll of bag material and a built-in bag cutter.

Unpacking it, the first thing I tried was to vacuum seal the half head of lettuce that was left over from last night’s wedge salads. And using the Pulse button I was able to do it without crushing it into Cole Slaw.

But the real reason we got a new Foodsaver is because when we’re using our new Inkbird Sous Vide Cooker, everything has to be vacuum sealed before cooking it.

Inkbird Sous Vide 2

And speaking of our new immersion cooker, I plugged it in and then connected it to the Inkbird Pro phone app so I can control it remotely. The app lets you set the time, and the cooking temperature, and then it tells you when it’s down.

It also helps you figure out how long to cook different foods, and suggests a lot of different recipes.  Looking forward to trying it out soon.

We talked to our son, Chris, this afternoon to catch up. They’re in Clovis, NM today visiting Linda’s relatives, and planned to be home in the next day or so. Looking for to hearing more tales of their adventures.

Jan and I are going to the Alvin Opry House for the show so we won’t be home until late, so probably little or no blog tomorrow night.

We’ll see.

Thought For The Day:

Dear Karma. I have a long list of people you missed.