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It’s Penciled In . . .

With yesterday’s and last night’s rain gone, it was nice enough for us to sit outside with our morning coffee, trying to decide what we wanted to do this weekend.

We finally decided to stay home today, and have the rest of hotdogs/sausages left over from last weekend,

George Foreman Grill Hot Dogs and Sausages

and then have lunch at Gator’s Bar & Grill once again tomorrow.

Gator's Bar & Grill 2

Jan combined the hotdogs and sausages in a casserole dish and covered them with Wolf Brand Chili and Shiner Beer Cheese, and along with Bush’s Grilling Beans, and chips and dip, it was a really good simple meal.

In a blog from a couple of days ago, I mentioned a new burger place up in the Friendswood area, Pop Top Burgers. Well, some friends of ours ate their last night, and it turns out that the owners had previously been part of Tookie’s and Stomp’s, two of our long-time favorite burger joints in this area.

So we have a visit there penciled in for next weekend.

On the virus/mask front, it seems like Oregon is requiring high school athletes to wear masks while they’re competing, leading to a young lady passing out from oxygen deprivation at the end of the 800 meter run.

“I am concerned with the mask rule,” Turnbull said. “This is what I am worried about, and I said this at the beginning of the season. You get a kid running the 800 with a mask on, it is actually dangerous. They don’t get the oxygen that they need. This rule needs to change.”

I noted this in the blog months ago, when I used our Pulse Oximeter to check Jan’s and my Oxygen levels before we spent almost an hour walking around WalMart wearing our masks.

Before we got out of the car I checked our levels and found us both at about 98%. But when we came out about 50 minutes later, we were both breathing hard, and our readings were in the 85-86% range, a level that if you came into the ER with, they would think you had something seriously wrong with you.

“If oxygen levels are below 88 percent, that is a cause for concern,” said Christian Bime, MD, a critical care medicine specialist with a focus in pulmonology at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson. If you see readings at or below this level, you should contact your health care provider immediately or go to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room.

Just as a baseline, neither of us smoke or have any respiratory problems whatsoever. And with just a couple of minutes of breathing without the masks on, we were fine, with readings in the high 90’s once again.

Finally, at least in our area, the whole mask thing seems to be fading away.

Thought For The Day:

Going to bed early, not leaving my house, not going to parties . . .My childhood punishments have become my adult goals.