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An Old Favorite . . .

For lunch today we were back at an old favorite, King Food. And by ‘old’ I mean 40+ years we’ve been eating here. We’re now on our 4th owner. And it’s still delicious.

We both got our usual Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with Jalapenos,

King Food 20211106

Then it was by the office to pick up an order that had just come in. And after a stop at Krogers for a couple of prescriptions, we picked up a repaired jacket at Lily’s Alterations near our old house in Heritage Park.

After a Costco gas stop (at $2.79, up 15 cents per gallon since last week), it was on our way home with a stop at Cowboy Coffee for Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate.

We’ve been having good luck getting our Amazon orders delivered here at the rig. In some cases I’ve ordered something at 9pm and it was delivered at about 7:30 the next morning. And when I ordered something a little after 11pm, it showed up around 10am.

And sometimes we get extra stuff. Other people’s stuff. This past Wednesday, Amazon delivered a package for me here at the rig while I was at work, And of course I got a photo of it sitting on our patio.

But when I got home a couple of hours later there were 4 more packages sitting on top of mine, 3 of them from WalMart and one from a diesel parts place.

And none of them were mine. The diesel stuff was for the guy right next to us in site #8, while the 3 WM boxes were for the lady down in space #1.

Jan said she saw the Prime van come by, followed a few hours later by a white van. But she didn’t realize it had stopped in front of our rig.

So the guy drove right past site #1, the first site coming into the park, then drove past us at #7, and #8 right next door, looped back around at the bottom of the park, and then came back by #8 again. Then after dumping everything in our yard, he left the park driving right by #1 . . . again.

And he probably thinks he’s not being paid enough.

So after the guy next door came over and got his box, we piled the WM stuff in the Jeep and took it down to the lady in #1.

Our good deed for the day.

Thought For The Day:

Amazon has just released their new Christmas season Shipment Tracking App.

Your Package is Here