Daily Archives: November 14, 2021

Slow, But Steady Progress . . .

I’m seeing slow but steady progress with my condition. Everything, especially my hands and fingers, seem to be working a little better.

Still no real pain, so I’ve avoided my prescribed pain medication, Tylenol with Codeine. But I did take a prescribed muscle relaxer yesterday afternoon to see if it would do anything about the tightness across my back.

Big Mistake!

I should have heeded the warning on the label MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS all in bold caps. It did reduce the tightness a little, but not enough to offset the severe dizziness that I had for about the next 12 hours.

I won’t do that again. From now on just a couplie of regular Tylenol now and then.

Houston Physician’s Hospital where I had my procedure done is just a couple of doors down from our favorite King Food. So Jan got some hot and sour soup to bring home for me to have, so I had a couple of cups of that today and some peanut butter right out of the jar. The first thing I’ve had since lunch yesterday at the hospital. And that seemed to fill me up pretty good.

Tomorrow I’ll get a shower for the first time so that will be also the first time I get to take my collar off. Just have keep the incision area dry.

And then if I’m still feeling up to it we’ll probably go out and grab a bite to eat just so I can get out of the rig a little bit and move around.

That’s about it for today.

Once again, thanks for the outpouring of concerns. It is much appreciated.