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Another Branson Repost . . .

Previewing our upcoming trip back to Branson next month.

November 10, 2009

Spiders and Snakes…that’s not what it takes…

Today we headed out about 11am to try and get tickets for the shows we wanted to see while we’re in Branson.  Yesterday while we were eating at Famous Dave’s BBQ at Branson Landing, we saw a store that sold discount tickets, so we decided to start there.

We knew we wanted to see Jim Stafford, and probably wanted to see Yakov Smirnoff. After that we weren’t sure.

We ended up with tickets Jim Stafford’s 3pm show today,  Yakov Smirnoff ’s 3pm tomorrow, and the 8pm show tomorrow for a group called SIX.  We were lucky to get the SIX so quickly, because this show stays sold out.

After getting our tickets, we walked down the boulevard looking for a place to eat lunch.  Branson Landing is a new shopping area that has over a 100 shops, 10 restaurants, and 2 hotels, and includes a water, light, and fire show on the river.

We just wanted a light lunch so we found a wine shop that also served soups and sandwiches. Jan and I split a turkey panini, and each had a bowl of soup.

BransonLanding 1

BransonLanding 2

BransonLanding 3

After lunch we walked around the Landing for a while and then headed out to drive around.  I wanted to be sure I knew where the theaters were located.

We took MO-76 also know as “The Strip” where most of shows are located.  The guy that sold us our tickets said while we were at the Jim Stafford Theater, we should pick up our tickets for the SIX show tomorrow night.  He said the box office would get very crowded if we waited till the last minute.

The Jim Stafford Show was great!  We’ve liked his music for a long time, and it was our first time to see him in person.

The show stars Jim,

Stafford 1

his band,

Stafford Band

a couple of Russian ballet dancers/ Russian folk dancers,

Stafford Dancers

his 12 year old daughter, GG (Georgia Garland) who plays piano,

GGStafford 1

his 16 year old son who plays piano and fiddle,

Stafford Son

And his wife Ann, who also performs.

Stafford Wife

GG also plays the harp and dances.

GGStafford Harp

Her mother, Ann, also plays the glockenspiel.

Stafford Mother Daughter

Stafford 2

Stafford Family

The first half of the show was Jim’s songs, jokes, and stories, and the second half was a Christmas show.  He also did a number of instrumentals on the guitar and the harmonica.  Many people don’t realize that Jim Stafford is considered one of the finest guitar pickers in the world, and his performance showed it.

I also liked the fact, that as you can tell from the pictures above, there is no problem with taking photos during the show.

After the 2 hour show we stopped for supper at El Portal, a Mexican restaurant we had heard about and it turned out to be really good.

We got home about 6 and got settled in. We’re really looking forward to our two shows tomorrow.


Thought For The Day:

It Will Never End!