Daily Archives: November 16, 2021

Four This Time . . .

A number of you asked how the DJO Bone Growth Stimulator is used, and how it works.

The unit generates a 70Hz electromagnetic field, a little above the 60Hz frequency used in household AC current. The 70Hz is at the center of the frequency band shown to accelerate bone growth.

That signal, generated in the control box, is fed into the coil of wire that’s mounted inside the plastic ring.

DJO Bone Graft Stimulator

It’s kind of a big electromagnet in a way. And it emits a magnetic field that extends out about 6 inches from the flat face of the coil which projects into the neck area. Actually the field projects out from both sides of the coil, but only the one side does you any good. Though I guess if someone else needed to use one, they could just stand back to back with you. Two for the price of one.

As far using it, the center of the coil is centered on the back of my neck and held in place with the straps draped around my neck. Then I just press the button on the control box and wait 30 minutes for two beeps.

When I used it this morning, I noticed that the unit is also logging the number of times it is used. When I used it for the second time, the display showed 001/002.

Of course, there’s actually no way to tell if it’s really working, I.e., generating a magnetic field since it’s completely quiet. So, just out of curiosity I may try to cobble together a field detector of some sort just to see it I got my money’s worth. Of course since the unit didn’t cost me anything, I guess I will, regardless.

Today at lunch I was able to tear open four Equal packets at one time for my Iced Tea. Double the two yesterday.

Again, it’s the little things.