Daily Archives: November 15, 2021

Out and About, And A New Toy . . .

Since this the 3rd day since my operation on Friday, I was able to get a shower for the first time since then. Jan wrapped my neck with a WalMart bag to keep the incision dry.

The shower was also the first time I was able to take my cervical collar off which was also nice, though it hasn’t been as uncomfortable as I had anticipated.

Then about 12:30 we headed out for the Denny’s on I-45 for lunch. In addition we were also meeting the DJO rep who was dropping off my Bone Graft Stimulator.

DJO Bone Graft Stimulator

I’ll be using it 30 minutes a day for the next 4 to 6 months. And ONLY for 30 minutes ONCE a day. It’s got a clock in it that resets at midnight so you can only use it once every 24 hours.

The disc fits on the back of the neck and is held in place by the straps around your neck. Then you just press the button on the control box. It beeps and then starts a 30 minute countdown clock on the display. When it reaches 00:00, it beeps twice, and shuts off. And I’m done for another 24 hours.

Easy Peazy.

As far as improvements, last week before my surgery I could not tear open a single sugar packet with my fingers. Today without thinking about it I was able to tear open two packets with no problem.

It’s the little things.