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Well, I Guess This Is My Fault Too . . .

Jan and I were on the way up the Spring area about 9:30 this morning, to meet up with long-time RV friends, Debi and Ed Hurlburt, at the El Palenque Mexican Restaurant there, Jan driving of course.

El Palenque Bunch 20211118

So we would have more time to talk, we there at 11 this time instead of our usual Noon.

And after our usual great time, as well as setting the time/date/location for next month’s get-together, we were on our way back home by about 2:30, luckily still ahead of the drive-time traffic.

Getting back into our area a little before 4pm,  we made a Cowboy Coffee stop before settling in back at the rig.

A really nice day.

Our granddaughter Piper sent over this photo of her and her SO Derek spending time in the Big Bend area this past weekend.

Piper and Derek Big Bend

A really nice guy.

And on the subject of grandkids, here’s on Piper and Landon from two years ago.

Piper and Landon Kingsland Fall 2019

A couple of really cute kids. Love them both.

Finally I guess it runs in the family.

After suffering for a couple of years from neck/arm/back pains, and trying yoga, massage, etc., and now seeing what I have been going through, our daughter Brandi finally went to see an Orthopedist today.

After getting X-Rays, her doctor said he does not usually see a neck this bad in someone my age.

The 4 & 5 disc have no space between the bones and one bone is a little out of place. He said the degeneration is pretty bad. Need to do an MRI to look at the nerves.

So I guess it begins now for her.

Sorry, Brandi. They say it can be genetic.

Thought For The Day:

Coming Soon To A Station Near You!

Coming Soon To A Station Near You