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A Change In Our Change Of Plans?

I got an email this morning reminding me that the final payment is due in two weeks for the Paris/London part of our upcoming trip. But as I was carefully looking over our itinerary, I noticed something.

I guess I didn’t make myself clear, but when I originally told Chantelle Nugent, our travel agent, that I wanted 4 days in Paris and 4 days in London. In my mind I was thinking that I was getting 4 full days in each. But due to the travel days on each end of each city, we only would have 3 days in each, and not 4.

So I put in a call to Chantelle to see if we could add a day in each city, and how much it would cost. It seems to me that, unless there are charges for changing the train reservations, limo rides, etc., the only increased cost should be the extra stays in the hotels.

This means that we would return to Houston on Saturday, May the 25th rather than Thursday the 23rd. But as Jan and I were talking about this while I was writing this blog, we decided that if we’re going to add two more days, why not add three, and come home on Sunday the 26th, after adding an additional, additional day in London.

Chantelle may not be speaking to me anymore. We’ll see.

We met Miss Piper at Snooze AM about 1pm, but though it was planned that she and Jan were supposed to go get Mani-Pedi’s, she had to beg off that since she was expecting a repair guy to come by her apartment later in the afternoon to fix a leak in her kitchen ceiling.

Piper at Snooze

Turns out that they were doing some renovations in the apartment upstairs after the latest renter moved out, and started a leak that began pooling in the large fluorescent light fixture over her sink. Not good.

So we made plans to meet again next Saturday, though next time at Cheddar’s at 11pm. Then they’ll try the Mani-Pedi thing again then.

We did some news about Piper’s educational plans, though. She’s decided that she wants to stay in the psychiatric end of the medical field. She’s been working for a psychiatrist office as she’s finishing up her B.A, and has decided to concentrate her upcoming graduate studies in that direction. In fact, the office where she works has offered her a preceptorship in psychiatric nursing there.

In case you’re wondering, a preceptorship is an mentoring experience where a practicing physician gives personal instruction and training to a medical student during their medical school training..

So this meant that Jan would be coming with me to my client’s to install the new Brother 2840 Fax machine.

But that didn’t go as planned either, since it appeared to be defective out of the box. I had already cleared all sealing strips hidden inside and out, as well as adding paper, and removing and shaking the toner/drum combination as instructed.

So all I expected to have to do today was to put power to it  and program it with our name and phone number. But when I powered it up I got a PRINT UNABLE D1 message. Just to see if it made any difference I went ahead and programmed all our info into it, but with no change.

According to the manual, a PRINT UNABLE D1 error is a mechanical error, and the only supposed fix is to power the unit off for 10 seconds, then power it back on and let it sit for 15 minutes. And then power it off and back on again.

And if that didn’t fix it, “It’s Dead, Jim.” And to call the company about sending it back.

So that’s for Monday, I guess.

I now have a date to hopefully have our rig oil leak fixed by, The whole family is hoping to meet up at Chris and Linda’s place up in Kingsland for the weekend of April 5th. So I’ve got about a month to get the problem resolved. Of course, if we don’t get it fixed in time Jan and I will just drive up in the truck and stay in a motel. But I really would like to use it as a good test drive for the repair.

Thought for the Day:

Ever notice how otherwise slow governments are so quick to screw up.