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Et tu Brute?

Then Fall Caesar!

I always thought that every month’s 15th was a “ides”, but like many things I’ve thought over the years. that’s not exactly true.

Only March, May, July, and October have it on the 15th. The rest of the months it’s on the 13th.  This all comes from the Roman calendar where the ‘ides’ are the day of  the full moon each month. Other than that, it had no special meaning to them.

At least until Caesar went under the knife in 44 BC

And there’s even a lot of controversy about what, if anything, was said. Some historians of the time say he said nothing, others said he just pulled his toga over his head when he saw Brutus, and some say he said, “You too, child”, apropos since Brutus was his protégé.

Today was the first day we could buy tickets to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. You’re only allowed to  purchase them two months before the visit, which for us will be May 14th, our only free day in Amsterdam after the cruise and before we take the train down to Paris. But you can’t wait until the last minute, or apparently, even the last week or month.

However I did have to go through 3 credit cards before I got the purchase to got through. I guess PayPal and Capitol One weren’t really happy with suddenly getting a $35.16 (€31.00 in Euros) from Amsterdam.

But at least now we’re good to go.

Now, on to the Sex Museum.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

I did get a short-term scare this morning when I logged into our account on MyVikingJourney.com and got a pop-up saying our Visa and Travel Documents had been mailed, and giving me a couple USPS Tracking Numbers. And when I checked it showed they had been delivered yesterday . . . to the Front Desk/Reception Desk at an address in Coral Gables, FL.


So I was quickly on the phone to Chantelle Nugentour travel agent, and found that the address was the headquarters of her travel company. She said Viking would only ship the documents to the home office, who would then send them to Chantelle, who will send them on to me.

So, all good.

While I had her on the phone I told her about our backup plan to spend 3 extra days in London by hoping to get bumped from our flight  on Thursday by volunteering for it, and then asking for a flight on Sunday. Then we would find another hotel back in London.

She said it would work as long as we could get bumped, and that she would check the flight right now to see how sold out it was. And also keep an eye on it as time passes.

So we’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?