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Lend Me Your Ear . . .

It looks like the blog is pretty much back to normal, and everyone who’s signed up should be getting their email copies. Let me know in a couple of days if yours hasn’t started back up by then.

I finally made the last big breakthrough I needed at work today. I was able to get into the phpmyadmin function and get it to work.

This means I now should be able to start moving the website off our in-house server and up to Godaddy. I really want to get this done before we head off to Europe.

Although the server is backed up daily, it would be just my luck if the server itself cratered while I was gone, with no one around to get it going again. Now I’ll be able to blame it all of Godaddy.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

I’ve been checking back on eBay every day recently and today I struck gold. Or at least the 1995 Ford Thunderbird front passenger window that my client had been looking for. Not bad at only $85, and it’s on its way.

Jan and I were happy to see that there’s a big Van Gogh exhibit coming to Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, starting this coming Sunday and running through June 27.

Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art

A must-see for Jan and I. And we’re also going to be checking out his works on display in Amsterdam, Paris, and London.

And like a guy online, we’ll be looking for a picture of a Sunflower with “To Amy” on it.

I mentioned last week about the possibility of us expanding our stays in the Paris and London a few days, but it’s beginning to look like it won’t work out. The big problem seems to be the hotel in Paris. We can’t extend our stay at the one we’re already booked into, and the only alternative is MUCH more expensive.

I just heard back from our travel agent, Chantelle Nugent, and because of the cancellation charges and extra fees, more expensive hotels, etc, it would increase the cost of our Paris/London tour by about 50%, rather than than the $300-$400 I had hoped, so we’re just going to go with what we have now.

Last up, I want to pass on my new favorite tech website. It’s called NewAtlas and it covers everything from computers to medical to autos, and more. Check it out.

I’m still hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can maybe get some stuff done on the rig.

Thought for the Day:

Starry, Starry Night

Starry Night