Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

Kicking Our Butts . . .

With Fever, Aches, and Chills, Oh My!

I mentioned in last night’s blog that Jan and I had received our second  (and last, thank goodness) Shingrix Shingles shot.

We both commented to each other last night that we were surprised to not notice any problems. But that all changed overnight.

Both of us had trouble sleeping last night, and then it went downhill all day. I had trouble at work keeping awake, and by the time I got home I was experiencing the above-mentioned fever, aches, and chills. Oh, and dizzy, too.

All in all, this is worse than our first shot. Or at least I told Nick that I was thinking that these symptoms were not as bad as getting the shingles, but I was beginning to reconsider that.

I did gather up enough energy to call the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to order our tickets for the upcoming Van Gogh exhibit. Although it is on exhibit until the end of June, we’ll try to get there before we leave on our trip.

Jan’s Shooting Star earrings came in today, but she felt so cruddy when I got home she didn’t even try them on.


But they should look great on her on the ‘elegant casual’ or ‘casually elegant’ nights on our cruise.

I did talk to Chantelle Nugent, our travel agent today to tell her that I had already moved the money into my checking account, and she could go ahead and pay off the last part of our cruise, the Paris-London Land part.

Actually, as cheap as I am I normally don’t like to give anyone my money any earlier than I have to, which in this case would be the upcoming Saturday, the 16th. But the Chase Checking Account I moved it into, doesn’t collect interest, so I told her to go ahead. And I’m glad I did.

I figured she would just pay it with a wire transfer like she did before, but this part needed to be paid by credit card. So I gave her my PayPal card, but it didn’t go through. TWICE!

Since the PayPal card pulls directly from the Chase account, I then gave her my Chase card info, and Chantelle again gave it a go. And it was again denied . . . TWICE. So then I was on the line to Chase. Only to find that they had recently changed their daily withdrawal limits . . . apparently without telling anybody, especially me.

When I ask why this was done without letting us know, I was told that if they did that then the criminals would also find out.  Like I was going to tell them?

And when I asked why would happen if we were in Europe in the May, and for some reason went over my unknown limit, it got really quiet on his end.

“Well . . .”

But I did tell him how much I was trying to charge and he did raise my limit. So our total trip is now paid for.


Thought for the Day:

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears. They’ll kill you a little, then eat you alive.