Daily Archives: March 14, 2019

Feeling Better . . .

I Guess This Too Shall Pass.

Both Jan and I felt MUCH better this morning, maybe not 100%, but at least 90-95%. Which actually is pretty much every morning now that I think about it.

Some of you have commented on problems accessing the blog the last couple of days. It seems to have been caused by my adding an SSL certificate to the blog, but I think the problem is fixed now. Hopefully.

We headed out about 1pm for the Cheddar’s up on I-45 for lunch. This late we avoid the lunch rush, but unfortunately too early for any Early Bird Specials.

Then it was on to the other side of the Interstate to visit the local Goodwill store looking for two things, a small, cheap pet carrier to transport Karma to the vet and then to the lady that’s going to keep her while we’re gone.

We’ve got one of those collapsible nylon ones that we took her to the vet with went we had her fixed back in May 2016. But I’m afraid now that she’d try to claw her way out, and with her hypodermic needle claws, she might just make it.

The other thing we were looking for was a small chest or bookcase of some kind that will fit between my computer chair and the dining room table. But after checking out both Goodwill and the Salvation Army stores, we came up empty.

We’ve got a busy two weeks coming up. This weekend, probably Sunday, it’s back under the rig to hopefully install the new oil filter and then run it at high idle for an hour or so.

Then next week starts off with our Puddles Pity Party concert up in Stafford on Monday.

Puddles Pity Party

Really looking forward to that.

Then it’s medical stuff for the rest of the week. Tuesday is Jan’s Boob X-Ray, with both our yearly checkups on Thursday morning. Luckily we both use the same GP so our appointments are scheduled right after each other.

Next weekend we plan on doing an hour or so rig test drive out on the Interstate. Then on Thursday Jan has her yearly Oncologist appointment to evaluate her mammogram results.

After that, on Friday, we’re heading up to Kingsland, TX for the weekend to meet up with Brandi, Lowell, Landon, and Miss Piper at Chris and Linda’s place.

Another thing to look forward to.

Thought for the Day

There’s nothing new in this world, except the history we do not know.