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A Week Lost, Now Found . . .

After a quiet morning talking over our upcoming trip, I went outside about 1 pm to clean the oil off the back of the rig, and then do the wheels if I had time. I had stopped by the storage room on the way home from work on Friday and picked up my pressure washer to do the job. I had bought a gallon of Mean Green Cleaner/Degreaser at WalMart the other day just for this job.

Mean Green Degreaser

They don’t explain why Mean Green Degreaser is purple.

I wanted something that would be safe on painted surfaces, and yet still cut the oil coating the rear of the coach, and this stuff seemed to do the job. I ran it through my Karcher pressure washer,

Karcher Pressure Washer Tanks

first soaking the entire area down and then letting it percolate for a while. Previously I had modified the washer solution pickup by adding a longer hose so I could pull directly from a jug of cleaner, instead of constantly refilling the small tank.

After spraying down the entire area and waiting a bit, I put on the high power nozzle and was able to just wash all the caked-on gunk with no problem. On a roll, I opened the engine compartment doors and repeated the procedure.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any before and after photos, so you’ll just have to use your imagination on how good it looks. In fact overall, except for a few scrapes, our 20 year old “Beauty” still looks pretty good. The only real problem is where the clear coat is coming off in places, making it look like it ‘s peeling after being sunburnt.

Next I started in our aluminum wheels, using Busch’s Aluminum Wash,

Busch Aluminum Wash

the best stuff I’ve found. They will take a wheel that looks like this,

Wheel Before Cleaning

and make it look like this, though somehow I didn’t get a before and after on the same wheels.

Wheel Rear After Cleaning

Add a little ‘Tire Wet and it looks really good.

We had originally planned to do our test driver tomorrow until I realized that I had found a lost week. For some reason I thought that next weekend was April 5th, 6th, 7th, when we’re going up to Kingsland to get together with the whole family at our son Chris’. So we’ll put it off until next weekend.

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