I Should Have Played More Computer Games . .

After I spent the morning working on the website, Jan and I headed up to Webster about 1pm for lunch at our favorite East Star Chinese Buffet. Great as always.

Then I made a stop by my client’s to get a file off the old website server that I can’t access remotely, and also pick up an Amazon order that came in this morning.

Then it was on over to my long-time barber’s to get my hair cut. It’s been about six weeks, before we left on our trip, so I was getting a little bushy.

We had heard on the radio that we have a lot of rain coming in tomorrow, but when we came out of our next stop, Kroger’s, it was already starting to sprinkle. And by the time we got over to Kemah, so Jan could pick up some of her favorite essential oils at Bodhi’s, it was coming down hard.

With the rain coming in, 4-6”, we may put off our scheduled trip up to Conroe to get together with our friend’s Chris and Charles Yust for dinner. So we’ll have to see what the weather does.

Although I been working with computers pretty much since the home computer business took off, (actually before, since I started out programming  in Fortran II on an IBM 360) I’ve never been really into games. The only one I had much to do with was Doom, which came out in 1993, and was one of the first of the First Person Shooter games to also utilize 3D Graphics.

But maybe I should have stuck with it.

According to this Hollywood Reporter article, Top Gamers Can Make $15,000 An Hour. And over $10 million a year. They make this kind of money for the same reason that professional ballplayers make $10 of millions a year.

People pay to watch them play computer games streaming online, just like people pay to watch the NFL on TV. The players also get endorsements from the same companies that are attached to pro sports.

Video Gamers Money

And, by 2022, the computer gaming industry is expected to surpass the audience of Major League Baseball.

Now that’s big.

Thought for the Day: 

“Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.”—Unknown


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