Well, I Tried . . .

I spent the morning and early afternoon trying to get the new website configured and set up for my client. Without a lot of luck.

I have a working version of it over on my Godaddy account, so my idea was to just migrate it over to my client’s cPanel account using Godaddy’s Import function.

Easy Peasy, Right?

But, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to work.

I kept getting errors that didn’t really make any sense. Like “Not enough disk space to create 1MB file.” But this was shown on the source area, not on the destination area, where you would think that it would be creating files.

And besides, both areas have over a 1GB of disk space. so what’s the problem? So after trying different things, and getting different error messages, none of which made any sense either, I put in a call to Godaddy Tech Support.

And after going round and round, with Richard, the tech guy, talking to a number of higher level techs, it turns out no one even knows where that function came from.

Or when it came.

And looking at the way it was supposed to work, they said there was no way it could. And that it must have been left over from some previous software version, and not been deleted when it should have been.

Oh well. I knew it was too easy.

So now it looks I’ll to set it up from scratch, install the SQL databases, and then configure it. Something I was trying to avoid, if possible.

Well, I tried.

Around 4 we drove over to the Victory Lakes area to have breakfast/dinner at Denny’s, our first time since we got back last Sunday. Great as always. Coming home we made a stop at the Sam’s Club and the WalMart in Texas City trying to find Joint Juice for Jan. But just like yesterday’s Sam’s Club/WalMart up in Webster, no one had it in stock.

As we were leaving, I noticed the line of cars wrapped around the Murphy/WalMart gas station, and then quickly saw why. They were selling unleaded at $1.99/gal.

Now just yesterday I paid $2.27 at the Sam’s Club in Webster, and thought I was getting a good deal, since everywhere else had it for $2.39 – $2.49. So I don’t know if it’s a gas war down there, or what.

But since I just filled up yesterday, I couldn’t take advantage of it. Darn!

After it had cooled a little, I went outside about 7pm to take a look at my radiator problem. But as I was adding water to the radiator, it suddenly dawned on me that the truck had been sitting there for a month without being started, and might not start now.

And it didn’t. And when I put the charger on it, it said the battery was at 6.9 volts. So it’s probably toast long term.

But finally, just as the sun was going down, I got it to start. So I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

Well, I tried.

Thought for the Day: 

Landon Sunday Funday Swim

Lowell sent over this photo of Landon at their pool. Hard to believe he’ll be 9 pretty soon.


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