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Getting Ready To Roll . . .

Today I got outside early, well, at noon, but early for me, to start doing the prep work for our RV trip to Kingsland this coming Thursday for a family get-together. When you’ve been parked for about six months like we have, it seems like a lot of stuff just accumulates around the rig.

My first job was to take down our OTA Digital Antenna that we use for picking up the many local channels.

But really, all I had to do was cut a bunch of heavy-duty tie-wraps and lower it down. Then I removed the antenna head, folded it up and stowed it away. I’m just going to leave the pole laying next to the patio while we’re gone.

Then I pulled out my Craftsman (now Porter-Cable) Air Compressor and topped off all my tires, rig and truck. All of them were down by above same among, most likely due to the cooler temps since I last topped them off.

When I replaced our rig tires back in 2015 after our blowout  (due to road debris), I once again when with truck tires, not ‘RV’ tires. When we bought the rig the end of 2007 I had the tires replaced before we even picked it up.

At that time I went with Sumitomo tires, another ‘truck’ type tire. And they lasted us for 8 years with no problems. I was planning to replace them when we got home later that year, but since I had to replace one, I decided to go ahead and replace all 6 while I was at it.

And I once again I went with ‘truck’ tires, but since Sumitomo’s weren’t  available without ordering them, I went with Hercules Ironman I-601 tires which they did have in  stock. And one reason for this is that while we gate guarded over the years, I saw a lot of oil field trucks using them. So I figured if they’re good enough for the oil field they should be good enough for us.

We did manage to finish up our Christmas decorating, at least inside. And we went all out this year.

Rig Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thought For The Day:

My very first mistake in life was believing that life was fair.