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Missed It By That Much . . .

So Close !!!

When I put in our daily 11:45 morning call to Dix’s Diesel Center, I got some really good news. Sam, the dispatcher, said the mechanic was waiting on some (a?) gasket(s) to fix oil leak problem. He didn’t know which one(s) it was, but I’m assuming it was for the oil cooler, which attaches to the the side of the engine block and feeds the oil through the filter that is mounted to it.



That gasket is about the only thing left in area of the leak, so it’s where I was going to look next. The only problem I foresaw was how i was going to get to the 11 bolts holding it in place. The cooler is mounted so far up on the side of the engine that they would be hard to reach while lying on the ground underneath the rig. And you can’t really get to them from under the bed because it’s back under the firewall area separating the bedroom and the engine compartment.

But it does look doable if the rig was on a lft, or over a pit, where you could stand up and reach the bolts that way.

However, all my good cheer was for naught, because when we went by Dix’s about 4pm, we found that the needed gaskets had no yet come in, and probably wouldn’t before the end of the day. And though, even if the parts did come in, and there are a couple of mechanics working tomorrow, Saturday, there won’t be anyone in the office to cash us out until Monday at the earliest.

So, missed it by that much.

However Jan is still due at Brandi’s on Sunday so she can Landon-sit until Wednesday while he’ out of school and the dogs/cat-sit until next Sunday while Brandi et. al. are out of town. So we’re meeting them Sunday afternoon in Columbus to hand her off to them.

Hopefully I’ll be back in Santa Fe back then, though Jan is worried about how I’ll do backing the rig into our spot at Petticoat Junction RV Park.

But I doubt I’ll have any problem.

Thought for the Day:

“Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to someone else.” – Will Rogers