Hail The New King?

Jan and I were out the door early this morning, for a follow-up doctor’s appointment. Early for us was about 9:30, which meant no coffee.


After dropping Jan off at the doctor’s, I headed over to the nearby Harbor Freight store. When I’ve got time I like to just walk every aisle checking out all the neat stuff. Stuff that I didn’t know I needed, but found out that I wanted anyway.

Then when she was done, we drove over to Snooze to have our usual delicious breakfast. Jan’s Bravacado Toast,

Snooze Bravacado Toast

and my favorite 3 Egg Classic.

Snooze 3 Egg Classic

Then after a quick stop by the office to pick up some Amazon stuff that had come in this morning, our next destination was the WalMart out on I-45.

Now originally I had planned to drop some of our new prescriptions there this morning, hoping we could pick them up now. But this morning before we left the rig, I was checking both the WalMart and Sam’s Club cheap prescription lists to see which pharmacy would be lower for each one.

While we’re RV’ing, it worked better for us to keep our prescriptions with Sam’s/WalMart since it was so easy to transfer them from town to town as we traveled around the country.

In the past, I’ve found that every year drugs keep getting added and deleted from the lists. But like this morning, I always started out with the GoodRx app to give me a starting point.

And I as I went through the drugs on GoodRx I kept noticing that Kroger’s Pharmacy kept showing up as the cheapest over and over, sometimes evening listing the cost as FREE. And a little checking showed that Kroger’s has their own Discount Prescription Plan. It’s $36 per year for an individual, or $72 for a family, of any size.

So now I have to go back through all our prescriptions, and compare Kroger’s, WalMart, and Sam’s, while figuring in the $6 per month extra cost for the new plan.

Sounds like it might spreadsheet time.

Then a while after getting home, we sat out on the patio, again enjoying an adult beverage. And in case you’re keeping score, it was a Jack Daniels Southern Peach like this.

Jack Daniel's Southern Peach

Really good.

Thought For The Day:

I’ve stopped fighting with my inner demons. We’re all on the same side now.