I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost . . .

We were rudely awakened this morning (well, I was. Jan was already up.) about 8:30 when the power went off. When it didn’t come back on in a few minutes I checked the CenterPoint Energy Outage Tracker website and found it was out all over our area, almost 12,000 homes.

But it came back on about 45 minutes later so we had heat again. Better than the freeze last February when it was off for 4 days.

Since we had decided that this was just going to be a Stay-At-Home Sunday, that’s what we did. We stayed at home, talked, read, napped, TV’ed, renapped, etc.

Then around 4pm, we polished off our Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving leftovers, finishing up with Pumpkin Pie. Just about as good as on Thursday.

I mentioned about Bone Growth Stimulator treatment I do for 30 minutes every morning. It’s completely silent with no indication that it’s even working, except for the one beep when it starts and the two beeps when it’s done.

So, in my paranoia, I’m wondering, is it even working. Maybe I got a defective one. The only way I would know I guess, was if in 6 months, my head fell off because the bones never fused.

So, not wanting that to happen, I dug out my old EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) meter, kind of like this one on Amazon,

Electromagnetic Field Meter

EMF Meter

and I was relieved to find that my Stimulator was putting out a very strong EMF field. So my head is safe, I guess.

And according to the Amazon description, it can also be used for ghost detecting and hunting. Of course it’s not as neat as the one Egon used in the Ghostbusters movie. You remember the one with the little arms that came up when a ghost was nearby.

I want one of those.Ghostbusters PKE Meter


Thought For The Day:

Every bad thing that happened today was a direct result of choosing to get out of bed this morning.