Some Good News . . .

Our daughter Brandi met with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Wang, this morning so he could talk about her neck problems. And the good news is that she doesn’t need surgery . . . for now.

He thinks that her problems can be treated with steroid injections and some special exercises. And he also through me under the bus, telling her that she probably inherited the problems from me.

Well, my question would be why did my problems take 73 years to show up, while hers took a lot less time to appear. Seems like she had something to do with it too.

He does want her to get some further X-Rays/MRI’s on her lumbar region to get a better look at possible problems there.

That’s probably going to be my fault too. Just watch.

Got our Jeep back from the mechanic’s this afternoon, and she’s ready to go for our Branson trip that starts this Saturday.

When Joe, my mechanic, asked about my limping, I told him about recent surgery, and in just a couple of moments we were comparing scars. He also had a 3-Level Fusion a while back, though his scar is on the left and only about half the size of mine. I think he was jealous.

Tomorrow Jan and I are heading down to Galveston tomorrow to have lunch at Mosquito Café, and check out a possible new client while we’re there.

Thought For The Day:

Apparently this is what you get when you asked your brother to save you a little bit of everything from the Thanksgiving dinner you missed.

But it is very nicely presented.

A Little Of Everything