Third Times The Charm ???

We’ll See.

After fortifying myself with a lot of coffee, I was outside a little before 1pm to jump into replacing our rig’s oil filter.

First up, I put the filter’s rubber gasket in a bowl of oil to marinate while I was prepping the rest of the stuff.

Rig Oil Filter Gasket Marinading

I gathered everything into the bucket so I could pull it all under the rig at one time. I had my flashlight, filter, long tie wraps, EMT scissor to cut the tie wraps, shop rags, and brass brushes, etc.

Rig Oil Filter Bucket

The filter wrench, ratchet, and extensions were still underneath the rig from the filter removal.

Under the rig, I tied the electrical cables back and got out my brass brushes and scrubbed down the inside of the filter mount, since that was possibly causing my leaking problem.

Rig Oil Filter Cable Tie Back

However after I wiped it down with an oil-soaked rag when I was done, I still had this residue that you see on the right side of this close-up. This outer ring is where the filter gasket seals.

Rig Oil Filter Mount Tarnishing

It’s not just a discoloration, but I could actually feel it on the surface THROUGH the rag. I scrubbed and scrubbed it, but the brass brush wouldn’t touch it. I had a set of steel brushes but I was loathe to start scrubbing with a steel one, afraid I would scratch the surface, making things worse. So I’ll keep it in mind in case I still have problems.

I don’t know if this had any thing to do with my original problem, but I guess I’ll know soon.

I then did a test install of the filter while it was still empty of oil, to make it a little easier to handle. And with the cables out of the way, the filter spun right on with no problems. I tightened it up until it was snug to see how far it would travel, and then took it back off. Then it was back outside to prep the filter. I filled it with about 3/4 gallon of oil, reinstalled the marinated gasket, and then it was back under the rig.

Turns out the biggest problem was lifting the now MUCH heavier filter out of the bucket while holding it at arms length. But once I got it overhead, it was no trouble. I got it hand-tightened down and then used the filter wrench to snug it down 3/4 of a turn. I said yesterday that it was 1/4 turn, but I mis-typed.

Pulling everything out from underneath the rig with me, I topped off the oil in the engine and then went inside and crank it up. And after 5 months, it cranked over and started right up. Then after the the oil pressure was up to snuff, I waited a minute or so and then bumped it up to high idle, which is about 1000 rpm, and let it run for 30 minutes before I shut it down.

And, after I checked for leaks, and found none, I was done for the day. Now it’s on to our full test drive next weekend.

Crossing my fingers. Third time, or filter’s the charm, right?

Tomorrow evening we’ve got our Puddles Pity Party concert at the Stafford Center,


preceded by dinner at the Floyd’s Cajun Seafood up in Sugarland.

Since it may be late before we get home, there may or may not be much of a blog tomorrow.

We’ll see.

Thought for the Day: 

In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?


7 Responses to Third Times The Charm ???

  1. Linda Sand says:

    In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?”

    For us, outside temperature has little to do with inside temperature. Just like when we were RVing we chase the mid 70’s all year long with only a few degrees difference. I still don’t have a wardrobe for each season; it stays the same all year. Which works for me because I rarely go outside in any season. Everything I need is within this apartment complex except my doctor and Dave’s sister and I only see each of them about once a year.

  2. We were taught to use a scraper to remove any build up on all engine parts. Keeping my fingers crossed that you solved the issue.

    Be Safe and Enjoy the concert.

    It’s about time.

    • gregwhite says:


      I may try that if I still have a problem. But I want to talk with Cummins first to see what they recommend to use. I don’t want to use something that’s harder than the steel so that I end up scarring the surface worse.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


  3. Tom Centerfield says:

    You gonna leave the wire ties on?

    • gregwhite says:

      Nah. I took the ties off. I just forgot to tell you about it.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


  4. Roger Kilgore says:

    Hey Greg

    Little background on me 48 years experience as mechanic with 20 years as shop owner. The small amount of residue will probably be ok but next tome you have it of hit it with some 400 grit sandpaper until you can’t feel any residue.


    • gregwhite says:


      That was kind of my thought, but I was worried about scratching the metal and making things worse. I was surprised that a vigorous scrubbing with the brass brush didn’t even touch the build up.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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