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Six Stars . . .

because five  stars is just not enough.

Jan and I headed out about 11:30 for a busy afternoon trying to wrap up as many last minute items that we could.

Earlier in the morning I set up all 3 of my Wyze Cams in the rig. Since they not only detect motion and sound, but also are particularly attuned to the sound of Fire and CO alarms, I wanted a way to call the Santa Fe Police and Fire departments without using the 911 system, which I doubt would work very well from Budapest or Amsterdam .

So on our way out I stopped off at the Santa Fe PD and got the non-911 emergency numbers. Then it was on up to King Food for a bowl of Hot & Sour Soup to hold us until dinner.

Next up was our continuing quest to get our wills signed and notarized. One problem I kept running into was that we not only needed a notary, but also two witnesses. And the notary couldn’t be one of them. And the first two places I called only had a notary available there.

I guess I could have tried dragging people in off the street. You know, “Go in there and sign a piece of paper and I’ll give you $5.” Not sure how that would work though.

But when I decided to check back with my client’s neighbor to see if she was back in town, she was, and she had witnesses, the people working in her office.

With all the signing, witnessing, and notarizing of 3 copies of the will, plus 3 Self-Providing Affidavits, it took about 45 minutes. But at least it was done, and I can get them into the mail to Chris and Brandi tomorrow.

And even better, I may have picked up some computer work at her office when we get back from our trip.

Then it was on to WalMart for a last few items, one of which was a new, smaller carry-on bag for my laptop, tablet, and Kindle Fire. And I found a nice one for only $20.

Our next stop was over on Bay Area Blvd for Jan’s Bon Voyage Mani-Pedi, special because she usually only gets the Pedi part.

Finally back home for a while, we headed about 6:15 to drop Karma off at her new temporary home with my client’s office manager. She’s got her own room, with her food bowls, litter box, and perch. And she’s got a window to look out of just like the rig windshield at home.

Once she settles down and gets a little whipped cream in her, she should be fine.

Finishing up the day, we had dinner at our favorite local Tex-Mex place, Los Ramirez. Very busy, especially for a Tuesday, and as delicious as usual.

Tomorrow’s my wrap-up day at work, so hopefully I can finish it what I need to finish up.

And finally . . .

Six Stars . . . because five  stars is just not enough.

At least that’s Jan’s review of our friend Nick Russell’sSweet Tea and Jesus.”, the 6th and latest story in his John Lee Quarrel’s series.

Sweet Tea and Jesus

She said there was a new twist around every corner, and every page seemed to harbor a surprise.

In fact she was so engrossed in finishing the last few pages that she put off going out to eat.

Now that’s suspenseful!

Get your copy now before Amazon runs out of electrons.

Thought for the Day: 

“Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.”