Got The Rig Back . . .

But not until about 5pm, so I’m at the River Bend RV Park in Luling and I’ll head back toward Santa Fe tomorrow morning.

Happily surprised that the total bill was only about $1,055.00, much less than I expected.

The air compressor problem is definitely fixed, and hopefully the oil leak is too. But I really won’t know until I drive for a while.

More tomorrow.

4 Responses to Got The Rig Back . . .

  1. Jerry Walter says:

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed hoping the leak issue is taken care of. Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Barbara Chapman says:

    That oil leak has been a major pain for you for a long time. Sure do hope it is fixed now.

  3. Jeff says:

    Been following your oil leak issue from the start and hopefully your leak is fixed!  Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  4. George Rawley says:


    While reading about possible low voltage for fridge I got thinking about a small gas generator you could carry in back of the pick up for just such problems.  Just food for thought

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