Not A Good Day . . .

First off, my oil leak, after a $1000 repair, is still leaking. Of course, to be fair, about $200 of that was the air compressor system repair with a new air filter/dryer.

So it’s my $800 oil leak repair, I guess.

Not exactly sure where I go from here, but I’ve got a couple of Ideas I’m mulling over.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Then when I get back to our site here in Santa Fe, I find one side of our 50 amp breaker had died and I’m getting no power into the coach. Just perfect!

After texting the park owner and not getting a reply, I pulled the breaker and heading over to the Home Depot to get a new one. And they had the exact GE replacement. A least something’s going right.

Turns out the park owner is out of town for Thanksgiving.

But by the time I got back, (decided to have Denny’s for dinner first) it was dark, so I had the joy of working with 240 volts in the dark, holding the flashlight in my mouth.

But finally about 7:30, I had power again.

Tomorrow morning I’m driving up to Katy so Jan and I can had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Cracker Barrel there. Looking forward to seeing my Sweetie again.

More tomorrow when I won’t feel like cussing so much.

11 Responses to Not A Good Day . . .

  1. kc says:

    My heart goes out to you.  We have all had days like that in the RV world.  Trite but true, nowhere to go but up!

  2. Linda Sand says:

    You don’t have one of those headband flashlights? They point wherever you are looking without needing any hands. I bought one for riding my TravelScoot at night in a park because I have nowhere to mount a headlight on it. You and Nick being gadget boys I figured you already had at least one.

  3. charles Dickson says:


    Really sorry that the stay that your rig had at the repair shop didn’t produce a better result for you oil leak.  I don’t think I can imagine how frustrated you must feel now.  Praying that you find the leak, and you have a better day today than you had yesterday, and have thankful thoughts.

  4. As the parts especially Aluminium wear with age they develop pin holes that are hard to find. Maybe it might even seal itself with time.

    I’ve recently learned the advantages of using a LED Headlamp. It may look silly but it frees up both your hands and they are not that expensive.

    Wishing you, Jan and your entire Family a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  5. Rob says:

    Have a good Thanksgiving day!

  6. Linda in NE says:

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with Jan. Time enough to get back to the repair place about what didn’t actually get repaired. Have you ever considered that it might be time to retire that coach?

  7. Thomas Van de Bussche says:

    Dead Generator and oil leak still not fixed.  I would keep it in the shop until the leak is fixed.  There is no way you can keep dumping oil into it to move from place to place.

    At the shop they have a lift so they can get to the engine rather that trying to work on it from the ground or above.

  8. Rob Nixon says:

    Hey Greg, Have you tried adding dye tracer to the oil and looking for the leak with a UV flashlight and yellow glasses? I had a coolant leak that I never would have found without that.

    Something like this would do it.

    Many auto parts stores have these. Be sure to get a dye compatible with oil. There are several types. I got some dye for coolant from Auto Zone.

    I had been looking for a small coolant leak for weeks. With the dye tracer I found it in seconds. If you want i have the flashlight and glasses you can borrow in northwest Houston.

    Good luck!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    So sorry Greg…but probably not too surprising being it took them FOREVER to get done too?  Hope you can figure the whole thing out!! Have a great day today with Jan!!

  10. Jim Hamm says:

    Greg, an issue like your oil leak is frustrating for sure. How about taking your coach to a repair shop that specializes in engine repair? I also wonder if it could be a crack in the engine block itself? Is a complete engine swap too expensive for the age of your rig? Anyway, good luck.

  11. Mike Mills says:

    I would be interested to know what Dix does about this. That would tell me a lot about whether I would want to deal with them.

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