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They Ran Out Of Deer . . .

Godaddy’s been having trouble with the server my blog (and a lot of others) runs on, and it took until today, and a couple of phone calls, to get the problem fixed, but everything should be working fine now.

Jan and I headed up to the Clear Lake area about 1pm, with our first stop at Twin Peaks for lunch. And there was not a mask in sight.

Even the pretty girls were no longer wearing them. When I asked, our server said they became optional for employees this past weekend and everyone dropped them. And out of a restaurant full of people, only one person came in with one and immediately took it off after they looked around.

But our visit today came with some disappointment. My long-time favorite, the Half Wedge Salad and a Bowl of their Venison Chili are no more.

No more Wedge Salad, which was actually relatively new, and no more Venison Chili, which has been on the menu for years, in fact as long as we’ve been going there.

When I asked Faith, our waitress, if they ran out of deer or something, she said I wasn’t the first one to complain, by a long shot. Hopefully they’ll bring it back.

Jan on the other hand, got to have her usual Spicy Chipotle Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Broccoli.

Twin Peaks Spicy Chipotle Chicken 20210525

For me, I assuaged my disappointment by having the Billionaire’s Burger, with Fries.

Twin Peaks Billionaire Burger 20210525

It seems that what makes it the Billionaire’s Burger is that it had Billionaire’s Bacon on it, one of their appetizers. And Billionaire’s Bacon is thick cut bacon that is baked with brown sugar, red chili flakes, and smoked paprika.

And besides the bacon, the burger has Sriracha Pimento Cheese on it. Really hot and spicy. And delicious.

Then it was on by WalMart and Sam’s for a few things before making a quick stop at the office to see if my new S21 Ultra phone had come in. According to Verizon, it’s in the wind somewhere out there and should be here any time now.

Our last stop was at the NTB tire center near us to shop for tires for the Jeep, and set up an appointment for Thursday afternoon to get our baby some new shoes before our upcoming trip.

Today, May 25, 2019, along with our visit to the Tower of London, was the highlight of Jan’s visit to London. And mine, too, I guess.

Hampton Court Aerial

We Ubered out to Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s home away from home, and were dropped off right at the front of the long walk up to the entrance.

Hampton Court 1

And we had to start out with the obligatory selfie of Jan and I.

Hampton Court Selfie 500

Strangely enough, until this Europe trip, I had never actually taken a selfie.

Hampton Court 12

After walking across the inner courtyard, we entered the main building and quickly found ourselves in the Great Hall

Hampton Court 4

and its beautiful stained glass windows.

Hampton Court 5

Ironically Anne Boleyn is credited with helping Henry designed the Hall, his favorite place in the Palace. Though it didn’t seem to help her later in life.

Every room had another amazing, beautiful feature.

Hampton Court 6

And when you’re the King, you have your own Chocolate Room where the Royal sweets were prepared.

Hampton Court 11

We even had a personal audience with the King himself, as he regaled us with tales of life in his court.

Hampton Court 8

And then we came to my favorite part, the room where Henry and my relative, Catherine (Katherine, Kateryn, take you pick) Parr were married.

Hampton Court Kateryn Parr Marriage 500

And she was very pretty, even by today’s standards.

Hampton Court 10

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m descended from the Parr family and Sir Thomas Parr, Catherine’s father. She and Henry never had any children.

Hampton Court Palace was a great end to our London visit since tomorrow we head back home to Houston.

Thought For The Day:

I’m responsible for what I say. But I’m not responsible for what you understand.