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And Occasionally Some WD-40 . . .

I left my old and new phones copying all my 52+GB of data over when I went to bed about midnight and it was all done when I got up. And a quick look showed that all my contacts, photos, etc., appear to have been moved over, but no sign of any apps beyond the ones that came preinstalled. Which is about what I expected since just transferring them wouldn’t have installed them.

One thing I’m happy to see is that my new phone is much, much faster, both in operation, how fast programs open and run, and also how fast data downloaded, or at least how fast it was processed as it came in.

And later, things got even faster.

But this morning started with coffee outside on the patio while Jan admired her new flamingo bird bath complete with the solar-powered fountain I also got for her.

Flamingo Bird Bath with Fountain

I was actually surprised how little direct sunlight was necessary to start it pumping. It also comes with 3 other spray heads, but this basic one works better to keep the water in the bird bath.

Later in the afternoon we headed up to the Webster area, first to make an office stop to pick up a couple of Amazon orders that came in late yesterday, one of them the second wireless charger for my new phone. Then it was on down to our only remaining Chinese Buffet, East China Star.

And we can chalk up another place that not longer requires masks, but just ‘encourages’ them. Or in this case, ‘strongly encourages’. But apparently, most of the patrons, including us, needed a lot more encouragement since the vast majority were maskless, and many people who were wearing them when they walked in, looked around, and then took theirs off too.

And while we were there I looked at my phone and saw that it now said that my phone connection was the fabled 5G. So not wanting to lose this chance, I ran found I was getting almost 60 Mbps.

WOW! That’s faster than our connection at work.

Then, heading back toward home, we made a quick stop at Harbor Freight, and then a final one at HEB for a couple of things. And now it looks like HEB has fallen off the mask train too.

When we were just there the other day, they still had a big banner across the front saying that masks were required. But now the banner is gone, and so were most of masks. Another one bites the dust.

Then this evening I discovered the plus side to copying all the apps over. As I was going through my old phone, picking apps to download to my new one, I found that apps in excess of 50Mb were downloading and installing way too fast. Then it occurred to me that the phone was checking to see if an app had already been copied to the phone, and then using that, rather than actually downloading it again.

So as a test, I downloaded a new, large app not already on my phone and found it happening at about the usual speed. Nice.

Tomorrow I’m going to start doing some prep work and making a list of what we want to take on our upcoming trip.

And maybe sit out on the patio again.

Thought For The Day:

Almost anything is possible with the right attitude, a sledge hammer, and some duct tape. And occasionally some WD-40.

Count’em. 5!

Today was a fun day at work, with most of my time spent repairing a number of customer’s machines that had been sent in with problems for me to look at. And since I don’t usually have any kind of technical specs or schematics, it means that I had to dig out some of my old troubleshooting skills.

I made an appointment yesterday afternoon for 4pm to have the local Verizon store finish the initialization of my new phone and then switch the numbers. I figured that I would hold off doing anything else besides charging it up and being sure it turned on, since I figured a SIM card change out might be necessary, and I was right. In fact both my old and new phones needed a SIM change.

I told the young lady that I would transfer all the data between the phones, and that all I needed was for her to do the new phone setup, and then transfer the phone number from my old S8+ to my new S21, and Jan’s number from her old S5 to her new-to-her S8+. All this took her about the 20 minutes and I was on my way home.

I’ve got the data transfer going right now, and it looks like it’s going to take about 4 hours doing it by Direct Connect phone to phone. Looks like it copies everything, Contacts, Apps, Videos, Photos, etc.

In the meantime I’ve been slogging through the 187 page manual that I downloaded yesterday, trying to catch up on all the new stuff on the phone, especially the 5 different cameras.

Count’em. 5!

So far I like the Jeep’s new tires. They’re a slightly firmer ride, and the handling seems crisper. And the braking is definitely better. Happy so far.

Jan got a new addition to her Flamingo Flamboyance, a glass Flamingo Birdbath. We have an number of Cardinals and Blue Jays flitting around the yard so Jan wanted to put something out for them.

Flamingo Bird Bath

Looking forward to a nice long weekend plus, since with the Monday Memorial Day holiday, I don’t go back to the office until next Wednesday.

Thought For The Day:

Women believe if a pet cat strays, it’s because of a lack of affection at home.

Women believe if a pet dog strays, it’s because of a lack of affection at home.

Women believe if a woman strays, it’s because of a lack of affection at home.

Women believe if a man strays, it’s because men are scum.

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